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Dyno and Tuning Services 

Tuner Tools LLC utilizes our in house Dyno Tech by Dyno Dynamics 2WD chassis Dyno. This state of the art dyno allows us to test the performance of your car or motorcycle, as well as place any load desired to simulate road and operating conditions. This is a load bearing dyno utilizing an eddy brake load cell - this means that we can load and tune your engine to achieve not only maximum performance, but ensure proper drivability in all driving conditions.

We can accommodate Cars, Gas Trucks, Motorcycles and even UTV/Side-by-Side and Quads on our dyno.
Dyno Details:
- DynoTech by DynoDynamics (load bearing for full and part throttle testing - sweep or steady state base on load, rpm and/or speed)
- Weather Station, Wideband, Inlet temperature and MAP sensor allow us to log and track conditions along side HP and Torque
- DynoDynamics PDM Data logging module allows for additional channels of data to be logged
- Flexible multiple fan cooling system to enable us to simulate proper airflow and maintain vehicle cooling



Shop Tuning Rates*

*All pricing is subject to change based on the vehicle/ecu setup and special requirements for any vehicle. Customer will be informed of any special or extenuating circumstances as soon as possible, and typically before the tune has started.


Automotive Tuning rates

- GM HP Tuners/EFI live                                                                               $450.00    
-Add $100 for non-factory boosted applications/Custom OS                  
- Nismotronic (SR20, KA24 Nissan RTP tuning)                             $475.00    
- Haltech Platinum Sport/Sprint/Pro series                                  $500.00    
- Haltech Elite Series                                                              $475.00    
- AEM (Pro Tuner/Pro EMS)                                                     $550.00    
- Adaptronic                                                                         $550.00    
- Link/ViPec                                                                          $550.00    
- Holley EFI Systems                                                              $500.00    
- Legacy EFI (DOS based Haltech, MoTec, Holley, etc)            Contact us!     

*Add $100 for tuning multiple fuels                                                      

Motorcycle/ATV Tuning rates

- Piggyback tuning (power commander/Bazzaz)                            $250.00

- Yamaha/Suzuki/Kawasaki ECU Reflash                                     $350.00
          - No need for a piggyback! Reflash your stock ECU                          
             (for supported bikes See the list here)                                        

-Ducati ECU Reflash (Magnetti and Marelli 5am/59M ECU)               $350.00
-Ducati ECU Chip Flash (16M - 748/996/998)                               $400.00
-Triumph Reflashing (Daytona 675, Speed/Street Triple, etc.          $300.00

See a list of Import and European bikes that support reflashing here**

*Add $50 for tuning multiple fuels
**Some bikes may require additional connector for reflashing. Please contact us to schedule a reflash 
***Special circumstances such as forced induction or irregular setups may incur additional fees on motorcycles. Please contact us to discuss your situation.


     Baseline Testing (testing HP/TQ)

3 Pulls for HP and Torque - Includes measurements for wideband and boost*


-Car or Truck Baseline (3 pulls with wideband and boost*)               $65.00         
-Motorcycle Baseline (3 pulls with wideband)                                 $50.00         
-ATV/UTV Baseline                                                                      $60.00         


*Wideband and boost measurements may not be possible on all vehicles - vehicles require exhaust outlet that can acomodate our exhaust probe, and an accessible port for Boost/Vacuum connection (port on the intake, or Vacuum line connection) 


Rental Fees


-Rent Dyno time for you and/or your tuner to calibrate the vehicle. (Our staff operates the dyno and loads the vehicle, but you perform the calibration or testing)

-Hourly Dyno Rental (minimum 1 hr.)                      $100.00/hr.    
-Rentals over 4 Hours
-Daily Dyno Rental (Rent 1 full day of Dyno time) 

*No setup fees for the first vehicle. a $35 setup fee will apply to each additional vehicle loaded during a rental session

If you have special or specific needs, need to rent the dyno for multiple vehicles, or need to discuss rental time or assisted tuning, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Dyno Days


Rent the Dyno for your group of friends, car club or for any other event! We offer Dyno Days at our Columbus, OH facility, and even mobile Dyno Days - where we can bring our Dyno to you!


All Vehicles recieve 3 pulls with HP and Torque readings. All participants will recieve a printout of the dyno graph.

Cost for in house Group/Dyno Day:

-Minimum of 5 Vehicles:                   $60 per car               
-Minimum of 10 Vehicles:                  $55 per car               
-More than 15 Vehicles:                   $50 per car                  

Want to make your event special? We can make arrangements to host any event! From a car club outing, office event, grude match, to birthday, bachlor party or any other event!

We can provide room and tables for hosting, and have a projector, multiple TVs and video game systems to keep you and your guests engaged and entertained. We can even coordinate food delivery or other requests. Call us to discuss your special event!

Mobile Dyno Day Requirement


-Must have a clean and flat surface for the dyno. Flat pavement/concrete preferred.

-Clean and stable 220VAC/30 amp power - Generators ARE NOT sufficient and may cause damage to our equipment.

-If outdoors, plan for a rain date. We can provide coverage for the dyno but significant water/rain and weather may prevent operation of the dyno

-Prefer a minimum of 20 cars for a mobile Dyno Day. We require an average of 15-20 minutes per vehicle.

-Minimum deposit of $300 for Mobile Dyno days * this may vary based on location, distance and prior arrangements.

-Please contact us to discuss your Mobile Dyno Day needs. Vehicle minimums and deposits may be waived or adjusted depending on your situation, location and arrangements.






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