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Tuner Resources Courtesy of Innovate Motorsports
Installing DL-32 (and 2 LC-1 controllers) in the '68 Camaro.

Click here to view the DL-32 Video
Understand the XD-16, and learn about the setup and installation of this universal digital gauge.

Click here to view the XD-101 Video
Information on the basics of the LC-1, learn about the components and what it can do.

Click here to view the LC-101 video
Setup and installation on this flexible tool which maintains engine performance.

Click here to view the AuxBox-101 video
Tips and tricks on using Logworks software.

Click here to view the LM-101 Tips video
Guidance on installing the LM-1 air fuel ratio meter system.

Click here to view the LM-101 Installation video
Discover the importance of achieving maximum power and maximum horsepower with the ultimate air fuel ratio meter tool.

Click here to view the LM-101 "Tuning Basics" video
Watch the Two Guys Garage team explain the digital air fuel ratio system.

Click here see the LM-1 in action on Two Guys Garage
Watch as 2 teams of tuners compete for an LM-1 by assembling an engine… BLINDFOLDED

Click here to see who wins on War of The Wheels



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