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Product ID: EASE-X3-UR2-U
Manufacturer: Ease Diagnostics
EASE X3 Pro Scan Tool Suite
EASE X3 Pro Scan Tool Suite

EASE X3 Pro Scan Tool Suite, EASE J2534 Universal Reprogrammer II+ with USB PC Connection and Reprogramming Assistant Software. Reprogramming (Requires OEM data subscription(s).)

PC Connection Options:  USB

 Fix cars faster. Reflash J2534 Compliant Vehicles AND scan and diagnose vehicle problems easily, accurately and quickly.

These items are over $3000 if purchased individually, purchase them both in this combo package and save over $500.

Product Description

Increase the number of vehicles you service and expand your shops diagnostic capabilities with the EASE J2534 Programming device

J2534 device

Automobile manufacturers are constantly making changes to their controller software to make cars more efficient and to fix problems that have been discovered.  Many Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) require reprogramming to the latest OEM calibration files to repair vehicle problems such as shifting, hesitation, rough idle, emissions quality, performance and more.

This makes the need for FLASH REPROGRAMMING to diagnose and repair automobiles more critical every day.    You can use the EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+  to easily pass thru calibration files from an OEM's website to the on-board vehicle controller on 1996+ vehicles to correct these issues.  The EASE J2534 Package includes our exclusive J2534 Reprogramming Assistant Software that guides you through the J2534 pass thru reprogramming process ensuring a successful J2534 programming event.  Don’t miss out on this profitable, and quickly growing market!

This package requires an OEM vehicle data subscription(s) and a Windows desktop, laptop or tablet PC which meets OEM reprogramming requirements.  Before ordering make sure to check  that the vehicle OEM offers a reprogramming subscription that fits your needs

Fix Cars Faster! Turn your PC into a powerful Automotive Diagnostics Tool with the most feature rich Scan Tool Software available!

pc scan tool

Extensive data coverage and a vast range of controllers, data and bi-directional controls make this EASE Diagnostics best OBD2 scan tool ever!  You'll see loads of vehicle data on your large PC screen so you can quickly see the whole picture - making your auto repair job much easier. Vehicle information is presented in a user friendly format that you can quickly navigate through to identify car problems and fix cars right - the first time.

The software included with this package provides OBD II Generic and Domestic & Asian OEM Enhanced coverage:

EASE Scan Tool Launcher
  • The OBD II Generic PC Scan Tool supports OBD II Generic Data for all USA OBD II compliant vehicles - typically 1996 and newer GM, Ford, Chrysler, Asian and European vehicles.
  • The Domestic Enhanced Data PC Scan Tool supports powertrain, body and chassis OEM enhanced data for GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles.  It includes extensive coverage of vehicle controllers, data parameters, DTCs and bi-directional controls.
  • The Asian Enhanced Data PC Scan Tool supports OEM enhanced data for Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Scion & Toyota vehicles.   It includes extensive coverage of vehicle controllers, data parameters, DTCs and bi-directional controls. 

The EASE PC Scan Tool software is easy to install and use on your Windows desktop, laptop or tablet PC.  A USB flash drive is required to store the software license key.  Be sure to read the PC requirements before ordering.

EASE Scan Tool Software Features

The EASE PC Scan Tool is loaded with productivity features so you can fix cars faster. Check out this list of features!

EASE Scantool Screens
  • User-friendly software with easy navigation and on-line help
  • View data parameters in grid, graph or meter format
  • Pre-defined and user customizable parameter sets
  • 6 advanced graphing windows with auto-scale, box zoom and pan.  Plus ability to graph in time (seconds) or frames
  • Fast sampling rate
  • Unlimited Record/Playback capability  and data buffer
  • Snapshots (time-stamped and color-coded) and Markers
  • Import recordings from other users
  • Export recordings as text files (ASCII for use in spreadsheets) or EASE Scan Tool recordings
  • Add notes to each recording and vehicle
  • Easy updates and upgrades via web
  • Advanced database filtering to help you quickly find a previous vehicle or recording
  • Print Screens and Professional Reports
  • Include any screen shot or photo in a PC Scan Tool Report with our Screen Grabber feature
  • Meter configurations with Min/Max determination
  • Multiple user feature allows customization per user
  • Integrated database tracks all vehicle and customer data
  • Experience Fast Connections with the New Auto Connect Wizard!

EASE J534 Reprogrammer System Features

The EASE J2534 Universal Reprogrammer II+  package is loaded with features and expands your reprogramming and diagnostic capabilities.  You will NOT find a more complete and versatile vehicle reprogramming system at a better price!  

EASE Scantool Screens
  • Reprogram all J2534 compliant vehicles - virtually all 1996 and newer Domestic, Asian and European vehicles - with the same interface.
  • Exclusive Reprogramming Assistant Software that guides you EASILY through the reprogramming process, including Relearn Procedures, eliminating the guesswork and costly mistakes, ensuring a successful reprogramming event.  +more info
  • Includes the scan tool functions you need for reprogramming such as reading the VIN, DTCs, I/M status, MIL status and calibration.
  • Convenient links to the vehicle OEM websites so you can quickly get reprogramming subscriptions and info.
  • On line help with OEM specific reprogramming information and videos.
  • Optional Add-on - Reprogram GM, Ford & Chrysler powertrain controllers out of the vehicle with the optional off-board capability.




List Price: $2,895.00
Price: $2,895.00

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