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Product ID: TAC-OpenPort1.3U
Manufacturer: EvoScan | Limitless NZ
EvoScan: OpenPort 1.3U interface cable for Mitsubishi and Subaru Drive-by-Wire
EvoScan:  OpenPort 1.3U interface cable for Mitsubishi and Subaru Drive-by-Wire

EvoScan OpenPort 1.3U Universal for Mitsubishi and Subaru

EvoScan OpenPort 1.3U logging & reflash cable for Mitsubishi and Subaru

Want to reflash a Subaru or Mitsubishi?

The OpenPort 1.3U is an USB device that interfaces between your PC and car engine computers (ECUs)Tactrix OpenPort Universal for Mitsubishi and Subaru that use a ISO 9141-2 compatible OBDII interface. It also contains special hardware and connectors to allow it reprogram (reflash) most modern (1996+) Mitsubishi ECUs* and 2002+ Subaru ECUs including the 01 to 06 WRX, 2004-2006 STi, Forrester XT, Legacy GT, Baja, 2001-2003 Eclipse GS/GT, 2002-2004 Lancer OZ  and the EVO 7 through 9 series Mitsubishi*.

* PLEASE READ:   Just recently, an incompatibility has been uncovered regarding a few rare models of the Evo9 ETACs ECU.  Until this is researched more thoroughly, Pin 9 on this cable must be removed prior to plugging it in to any Mitsubishi model vehicle.  Pin 9 is used only for reflashing Subaru models and is not needed at all on any Mitsubishi models.

Please do not purchase this cable for use on a Mitsubishi vehicle without the full understanding that you must remove pin 9 (or ask us to remove it prior to shipping).  If you want to order this with Pin 9 pre-removed, we do have them stocked without Pin 9 so just indicate that in your comments when placing the order.   WE DO HAVE 1.3M IN STOCK WITH PIN 9 REMOVED

More information and further discussion about this issue can be found here

Part Number:  Openport 1.3U  includes Pin 9 installed (necessary for Subaru)
Part Number:  Openport 1.3M  has Pin 9 removed  (for Mitsubishi Evo only)


What can I do with it?

That depends on your car and the software available. Although the cable itself can potentially communicate with any car that has an ISO 9141-2 type OBDII interface, you are limited by what software supports your vehicle and the cable. The efforts at so far have been focused on datalogging and reflashing of newer Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles.  This cable is designed for use with EvoScan software and there is also another application called RomRaider available here.

Do I need drivers for the EvoScan OpenPort cable?

Drivers are automatically installed when you install either EvoScan or EcuFlash.

What software is known to work with the EvoScan OpenPort currently?

Download EvoScan Software here (add the license in the options list below)
EvoScan 2.7 Software version

A list of downloads can be found at

Tuning & Assistance

Not quite sure about tuning / reprogramming your own car?  Mellon Tuning & Tuner Tools have a working relationship that can help you out. If you have a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 or 9 with the stock ECU and want to get tuned, look no further. Mellon Tuning can provide you with a high quality e-mail tune that's designed specifically for your EVO to get big power and do it safely.

For Subaru & other models, please register and post your questions on the forums at either RomRaider or the ECUflash forums here.  Please note, we do not provide technical support for reflashing any vehicle and you will need to work with the open source software community or your local tune shop for technical assistance.


Get yours now
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Add WRX Reflash Connectors: No Thanks
01-02 WRX (+$10.00)
03-05 WRX (+$10.00)
Add Both (+$18.00)
1.3M or 1.3U?: 1.3U (Universal)
1.3M (Pin 9 removed: Mitsubishi Only)
List Price: $149.50
Price: $149.50
Out of Stock

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