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Product ID: HT-Elite-2000-15120x
Haltech Elite 2000 ECU Kit (Select Wiring Options)
Haltech Elite 2000 ECU Kit (Select Wiring Options)
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Elite 1000


Haltech Elite Series ECUs take the art of engine management to a brand new level. With a waterproof case, drive-by-wire, exhaust cam and knock control the Elite Series ECUs provide cutting edge technology to tuners and performance enthusiasts world-wide.


  • Waterproof Case (IP67)
  • 8 x Fuel Injection Outputs
  • 8 x Ignition Outputs
  • 28 x Digital Outputs
  • 10 x Analogue Voltage Inputs
  • USB Laptop Communications up to 1 MB/s
  • 2 x Engine Position Inputs with extensive trigger type support
  • Programmable Injector Peak and Hold Currents
  • OBDII Capable - Set and clear diagnostic trouble codes, view live engine data
  • ESP Calibration Software - Intuitive and easy to use
  • Dual CAN Bus communication for OEM and Haltech CAN Expansion
  • User definable 5D Tuning - Tune by gear, Cam angle or any channel for ultimate flexibility
  • Variable cam control - Independently control up to 2 camshafts
  • Auto tune capabilities - Short and Long term fuel, ignition, boost and idle control learning
  • Staged Fuelling - Up to four stages of injectors
  • Single Channel Knock Control - with high speed digital filtering for accurate detection
  • Multi-fuel Support - Support for Petrol (Gasoline), LPG, Methanol and Ethanol
  • E85 Flex Fuel Ready - With additional boost tables
  • Closed Loop Boost Control -  Multiple Modes - Tune by gear, wheel speed or time
  • Closed Loop Idle Control - With learning for consistent idle stability
  • Closed Loop 02 Control - Dual bank control for precise tuning
  • Anti-Lag and Launch Control - Drag and Rally modes
  • Data logging - Internal memory & external laptop logging
  • Multi Level Engine Protection - Set limits for sensors and protect your engine
  • ECU comes fully enabled, no additional charges for advanced features


  • Tuning Table Resolution up to 32 x 32
  • Per Cylinder Tuning Correction - 3D
  • Wideband O2-  Connect up to 8 Channels via CAN expansion devices
  • Thermocouples/EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) Connect up to 12 Channels via external CAN expansion devices
  • Engine Protection - Set advanced limits for sensors and protect your engine against common causes of failure
  • Nitrous control with advanced programming for wet or dry nitrous kits with on/off delay and progressive control option. 3D fuel and ignition corrections
  • Boost Control - Intelligent 3D Closed loop learning, with flexible user definable axis and 6 fully user definable corrections. Multiple modes - example boost by gear, road speed, etc.
  • Flat shift - Optimise your shifting precision via inputs such as a clutch switch or strain gauge gear knob
  • Timer Function - Used for programmable time based control of multiple engine parameters, power delivery and other user definable functions
  • Traction Control - Control your engine’s power output via mappable front vs rear axle or individual wheel speed slip


Elite 2000 ECU Kit


Includes: Elite 2000 ECU, USB Software Key and USB programming cable.

Elite 2000  Universal Harness Kit - Basic

Includes: Elite 2000 ECU,  1.2m (4 ft) Basic Universal Wiring Harness Kit - (no relays or fuses),  USB Software Key and USB programming cable.

Elite 1000 Universal Harness Kit - Premium


Includes: Elite 1000  ECU, 2.5m (8 ft) Premium Universal Wiring Harness Kit - with firewall grommet, moulded 6 power circuit Haltech fuse box and lid. 4 relays, 7 fuses. Pins for the 2 spare power circuits, USB Software Key and USB programming cable.


Price: $1,567.00

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