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Product ID: Link-Storm
Link Storm G4+ ECU
Link Storm G4+ ECU
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The G4Plus Storm offers the latest in high end aftermarket engine management.  You will be stunned by the G4Plus' performance, features and reliability.

Designed and built to be the best, the Storm delivers the results, with more functions than normally demanded by both tuner and driver:


  • Four saturated injection drives, four ignition outputs, four analog volt inputs, four digital inputs, eight auxiliary outputs*
  • Two temperature inputs
  • One, thirty four pin, waterproof connector
  • On board map, knock input (optional upgrade)
  • CAN / RS232 port

Software - PCLink

  • Fast tuning with keyboard driven commands
  • Six hundred pages of help on "right-click"
  • Powerful logging analysis built into PCLink
  • Tabbed, user configurable layout


G4 Storm Key Features

  • Built in 4 bar MAP sensor (4 bar absolute, 3 bar of boost)
  • Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping
  • Precision closed loop cam control (four cam, independent control)
  • Sequential fuel and ignition delivery
  • Digital triggering, all OEM patterns
  • Rotary - up to two rotors, fully sequentially staged injection
  • OEM idle hardware supported
  • 5D boost control with three switchable tables
  • Motorsport features - antilag, launch control, gear cut control (flat shift)
  • Continuous barometric correction (on board)
  • CAN port
  • QuickTune - automated fuel tuning
  • Individual cylinder correction
  • Odd-fire engines & two-strokes
  • USB tuning cable included
  • Statistics
  • Gear compensation for boost control
  • Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps
  • Sync and crank sensors can be a combination of Hall effect, variable reluctance or optical
  • Boost control referenced to gear, engine speed or throttle position
  • Up to 4MB internal logging memory
  • Staged injection
  • Electric blue anodized enclosure
  • Power LED in the connector end of the enclosure
  • Low power consumption thanks to the new switch mode power supply
  • Firmware updates available online (
  • Brief Specification

    • four injection drives
    • four ignition outputs
    • three/four analog inputs*
    • two temperature inputs
    • three/four digital inputs*
    • eight auxiliary outputs
    • one, thirty four pin, waterproof connector
    • built in, 4 bar, MAP sensor
    • 5V out
    • USB to Link cable
    • Link CAN connector
    • Spare injection and ignition channels can be auxiliary outputs
* One digital input shares the same pin as one analog input

Quick Tune

Using PCLink, QuickTune is an interactive tuning tool that assists in time efficient fuel tuning.

A graphical display of Target lambda (desired lambda) and Actual lambda (measured lambda) is provided.   A dual pointer gauge allows the tuner to quickly see how close Actual lambda is to the Target lambda.  QuickTune can be setup to operate over the entire fuel table or just over a particular area.

QuickTune can be used in Manual or Automatic modes.  In Manual mode, QuickTune guides you to cell centering and advises you when is a suitable time to make a fuel table adjustment.   With the press of a key a calculated adjustment is made.  Often only one or two adjustments are required to tune each cell.  In Automatic mode QuickTune does all the adjustments for you.   This leaves the tuner free to operate the Dyno or perform other tuning work such as making ignition or cam angle adjustments.

Up to Six Dimensions of Fuel & Ignition Tuning

Under most circumstances a 3D Fuel Table is sufficient. RPM is typically used for one axis with load (typically represented by TPS or MGP) on another axis.  The 3rd axis/dimension is the fuel zone value.

This 3D mapping will be very familiar to the average tuner and a 3D surface representing the fueling can be easily visualised or physically displayed by selecting Surface Graph.

In special cases 3D mapping may not be adequately flexible to cope with all operating parameters.

Multi-throttle turbo charged engines typically show an example of this.  With the throttle wide-open at a MAP value of, for example,  200kPa and an engine speed of 5000rpm the engine will have considerably different fueling requirements than with the throttle half open and the same MAP and engine speed.  In this case the 4D Fuel Table table may be used.  This second table may be spanned using throttle position on the load axis.

When a 4D/5D table is turned on, its Table Activation mode can be selected.  This allows the 4D or 5D Fuel Table to become active only under certain conditions.  This is useful if an external switch or switching output is required to activate the table (e.g. switching in the 4D Fuel Table when the NOS solenoid becomes active).  If the table is required to be always active, set this adjustment to Always ON.

As with all tables, 4D and 5D Fuel Tables can have their X and Y axis parameters selected and their row/column locations adjusted.  To do this, click on the table and press X or Y.



Oddfire cylinder support
Adjustable zone centers on all 3D tables
Custom top dead centers (odd fire)
Adjustable baud rate
Adjustable firing order
Various datastream outputs


Reluctor, optical, proximity or hall effect sensors
Programmable filters
Programmable arming thresholds
Configurable trigger patterns
Preset trigger patterns
Supports many OEM applications
Supports cam position on sync signal

Launch Control

Progressive cut control
Selectable fuel or ignition limiting
Selectable cut effect (adaptive or constant)
Adjustable control range
Vehicle speed controlled
Clutch switch controlled
Launch fuel trim (3D)
Launch ignition trim (3D)

Power Supplies

5V output
8V output

Calculated Inputs

Gear position
Wheel slip

ECU Statistics

ECU Logging

Various activation methods
Adjustable logging rate
4MB Onboard Logging          

Log analysis with PCLink


4 Injector drives
Sequential injection Mode
Grouped injection mode
Staged injection mode
Single point injection mode
5A maximum saturated current
5A auxiliary current
Quick tune (automated fuel tuning)
Multiple fuel equations
Barometric pressure compensation
Multiple switched fuel tables
Multiple overlayed fuel tables
AFR target table
Individual cylinder fuel trims (3D)
Pre-crank prime (2D)
Crank enrichment (2D)
Post start enrichment (2D)
Warm up enrichment (3D)
Acceleration enrichment (3D)
Air temperature correction  (3D)
Injector deadtime voltage correction (3D)
Overrun fuel cut  (2D)
Fuel temperature correction
Idle load trims
Master fuel adjustment
Injector test function
Injection angle adjustment (3D)
Narrowband closed loop lambda
Wideband closed loop lambda

Auxiliary Outputs

8 Auxiliary Outputs
8 Lowside outputs
4 Highside outputs
2.2 Normal lowside current limit (A)
5 Normal highside current limit (A)
Unused fuel drives can be used as outputs
Unused ignition drives can be used as outputs
Test mode (PWM or ON/OFF)
Idle speed control solenoid
Boost control solenoid
General purpose PWM (3D)
General purpose switched (conditional)
Fuel pump
Fuel pump speed
Engine fan
Air-con fan
Air-con clutch
Intercooler water spray
Check engine light
Purge solenoid
VVT solenoid
Hold power relay
Speedo signal
E-throttle relay
Oxy heater
Cam solenoid (lift or angle adjust)
Inlet runner control solenoid
Tumble generation valve
Virtual auxiliary channels x3
Stepper motor control (4 wire / bi-polar)
Stepper Motor Control (6 Wire / Unipolar)

Analog Inputs

2 temperature inputs
Engine coolant temperature
Inlet air temperature
Fuel temperature
Engine oil temperature
Gearbox oil temperature
Diff oil temperature
Mass air flow sensor air temperature
General purpose temperature
4 voltage inputs
Onboard 4.0bar manifold pressure sensor
Throttle position sensor
Foot position sensor
Wideband lamba signal
General purpose voltage
General purpose input
Oil pressure
Fuel pressure
General purpose pressure
Exhaust gas temperature (from external controller)
Narrow band 02 sensor
Rotary oil metering pump position
Tumble generation valve postion
Stepper motor position
Crankcase pressure
Damper position
Configurable calibration tables
Configurable fault settings
Voltage channels can measure temperature with external resistor
Internal barometric pressure sensor
ECU temperature


4 Ignition drives
4 Direct spark ignition mode
8 Wasted spark ignition mode
12 Distributed ignition mode
12 Twin distributed ignition mode
2 Rotary wasted leading spark, direct trailing spark
2 Rotary direct leading spark, direct trailing spark
7V squarewave drive signal
2.2A auxiliary current
Adjustable dwell mode
Dwell control (3D)
Engine temperature trim (3D)
Inlet air temperature trim (3D)
Multiple switched ignition tables
Multiple overlayed  ignition tables
Individual cylinder ignition trims (3D)
Transient ignition retard


RPM limit (engine temperature controlled)
MAP limit (engine temperature controlled)
Speed limit (set or switchable)
Dual general purpose limits (e.g. oil pressure)
Overvoltage limit
Optional hard cut
Progressive cut control
Selectable fuel or ignition limiting
Ignition trim
Adjustable control range
Selectable cut effect (adaptive or constant)

Idle Speed Control

Closed loop and open loop modes
Stepper motor control (4 wire / bi-polar)
Stepper Motor Control (6 Wire / Unipolar)
Solenoid control
External electronic throttle control
Idle up tables

Digital Inputs

4 inputs (total)
General purpose switch
4 General purpose frequency
1.6V rising trigger
1.0V falling trigger
Vehicle speed
Air-con request
Intercooler water spray request
Anti-theft request
Power steering pressure switch
Neutral switch
Throttle closed switch
Speed limit request
VVT cam position
Gear shift cut request
Start position switch
Clutch switch
Brake switch
Turbo RPM
Digital mass airflow sensor
Various wheel and shaft speeds
Seimens E85 sensor

Anti-lag System

Various activation modes
Fuel enrichment (3D)
Ignition cut (3D)
Ignition retard (3D)
Cyclic idle (normal and cool-down)
Dual enrichment, cut and retard tables
Idle speed solenoid overide
Safety timeout

Gear Cut Control

Timed or controlled modes
Adjustable progressive cut levels
Power re-introduction control
Ignition retard control
Fuel enrichment control
Cut duration based on gear

Electronic Throttle

External E-Throttle
Idle speed control
Comprehensive safety features
Automated setup
Supports OEM applications
Multiple throttle position target tables
Supports anti-lag

Boost Control

Open and Closed loop control
Multiple tables (3D)
Engine temperature trim
Inlet air temperature trim
Gear based trim
External adjustment (high/low switch)

Knock Control

1 internal Knock input (optional upgrade)
Adjustable frequency
Adjustable gain (per cylinder)
Individual cylinder detection
Individual cylinder ignition retard
Adjustable detection angle (start/end)
Noise threshold table (3D)
Adjustable ignition retard sensitivity
Configurable ignition reintroduction

Variable Valve Timing Control

Up to 4 cams independent control
Supports many OEM applications
Closed loop control
Cam angle target tables (3D)
Optional cam centerline display

Tuning Software

Configurable panels
Surface plotting
Password protection
Error logging
Multiple gauges
Keyboard support
Time plot
XY plot
Multiple pages
Parameter search function
Context sensitive help browser
Firmware updater
Fault code display
PC logging
Runtime values dialog
Full wiring manual 
Full tuning manual
Full software operation manual


Comprehensive testing
ISO 13485
Made in New Zealand


Length 135mm
Width 126mm
Height 42mm
34 Way Connector waterproof automotive
Status LED

Package Contents

G4+ Storm ECU
2.5m Wiring Harness
Mounting Bracket
Quick Start Guide

Operation (was environment)

Operating temperature range -10 to 85 deg C
Ambient temperature range -30 to 90 deg C
Input Voltage 8 to 22V
Power Consumption 150mA
Electrical Protection on inputs and outputs
Mil Spec acrylic coating on PCB and components
40 MHz dedicated automotive engine management microprocessor

Engine Configurations

2-12 Cylinder Distributed
2-8 Cylinder Wasted Spark
2-4 Cylinder Direct Spark
2 Rotor Engines
Odd Fire Engines
2-Stroke Engines
Configurable Firing Order
Configurable TDC Points (for odd fire)

Fueling Adjustments

Up to 440 Zone Fuel Table with configurable load and RPM centres. Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
Multiple Fuel Tables
Up to 6D Fuel Mapping
Injection Rate
Master Enrichment
Pre Crank Prime
Crank Enrichment
Post Start Enrichment
Warm Up Enrichment
Acceleration Enrichment
IAT Fuel Correction
Injector Deadtime Compensation
Overrun Fuel Cut
Idle Load Trims
Fuel Temperature Correction

Ignition Adjustments

Up to 440 Zone Ignition Table with configurable load and RPM centres. Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
Closed Loop Knock Control. 
Crank Dwell Extension
Maximum Advance
AFR / Lambda Table Correction
Spark Duration
Definable Dwell Time Table.  Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
Individual Cylinder Trim
Individual Cylinder Tables
Multiple Ignition Tables
Up to 6D Ignition Mapping
Individual Cylinder Ignition Trim
IAT Trim
Voltage Correction
ECT Trim
OEM Compatibility
CDI Compatibility


Engine Temperature Dependent Soft and Hard RPM Limit
Engine Temperature Dependent Soft and Hard MAP Limit
Vehicle Speed Limit
System Voltage Limit
Two user configurable General Gurpose RPM Limits 


Digital Trigger Decoding
Reluctor, Optical Proximity or Hall Sensors
Programmable filtering and arming thresholds
Configurable trigger patterns or preset triggering options.
Supports nearly all OEM trigger patterns and custom trigger arrangements

MotorSport Features

Launch Control
Gear Cut Control
Statistics Logging

Auxiliary Output Options

Each Output independently configurable
Unused ignition and injection outputs available as auxiliary outputs
General Purpose Output
General Purpose PWM
Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control
Closed Loop Idle Speed Control (Solenoid or Stepper (4 & 6 Terminal))
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Speed Control
Engine Fan
Air Con Clutch
Air Con Fan
Intercooler Spray
Check Engine Light
Purge Solenoid
Oxygen Sensor Heater
Switched Cam Solenoid

Analog Inputs

Each channel independently configurable with preset or custom calibrations
Wideband O2 (from external controller)
Boost Adjust Signal
Configurable Fault Detection Settings
Voltage (0-5V)
Exhaust Gas Temperature (from external controller)
Throttle Position
Pressure (general purpose, fuel, oil)
Air Flow Meter
Temperature (coolant, IAT, general purpose)
Throttle Position
Narrow Band O2


Tuning Port USB on board
Serial RS232
One CAN bus


4 High Current Injector Drives
4 Ignition Channels
8 Auxiliary Outputs
3 / 4 Digital Inputs
+5V Out
+8V Out
2 Temperature Inputs
3/4 0-5V Analog Inputs
2 Trigger Inputs (Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors)
On Board Baro Correction (Real Time)
On Board 4 bar MAP Sensor

Boost Control

Engine Temp Correction
IAT Correction
Multiple Boost Tables
External Adjustment

Variable Valve Timing

Up to 4 channel independent
Precision Closed Loop Control
3D Tables with configurable X and Y axis controls
Preset or Custom Configuration
38 Supported Engines - More modes added often. See list of supported engines in PCLink


40 MHz Specialised Engine Management Microprocessor
Ignition control to 0.1 degree, fuel to 0.01 ms
32 Bit Calculation
10 Bit ADC Resolution
20000+ RPM
4Mb Non Volatile Flash

Idle Control

Reliable and accurate user configurable Closed Loop Control
Solenoid or Stepper Motor ISC Valve
Aircon, Engine Fan or Power Steer idle up
Open Loop Control Mode for diagnostics


Internal Temperature Range -10 - 85°C
Ambient Temperature Range -30 - 90°C
Voltage 8 - 22V
Operating Current 200mA
Electrical protection on all inputs and outputs


Adjust parameters in real time
Mouse or keyboard operation
QuickTune - automated fuel self tuning
Logging Analysis
Diagnostic Information
Built In Help
Definable Screen Layouts
View over 400 possible runtime parameters


Length: 142 mm
Width: 126 mm
Height: 42 mm
Weight: 600 grams
Connector : 34 Pin Waterproof Automotive

Package Contents

Storm G4Plus ECU
2.5 Metre Wiring Harness
Mounting Brackets and Screws
Wiring and Installation Instructions

Additional Accessories (Purchased Separately)

Intake Air Temperature Sensor
    - 3/8 NPT
    - Bosch push in
    - 14mm (Aluminium or Steel Mounting Bosses to suit)
Throttle Position Sensor
1,2 or 3 Channel Link Igniter
Narrowband Oxygen Sensor
Wideband O2 Controller & Sensor
Injector Ballast Resistor Packs

    - 1 x 1R (6 x <6R injectors)
    - 2 x 1R (12 x <6R injectors)
    - 1 x 4R7 (1 x <6R injectors)
    - 2 x 4R7 (2 x <6R injectors)
    - 1 x 2R2 (1 x <3R injectors)
    - 2 x 2R2 (2 x <3R injectors)
    - 4 x 4R7 (4 x <6R injectors)
    - 6 x 4R7 (6 x <6R injectors)

Manufacturing Standard

ISO 13485


List Price: $1,316.64
Price: $1,316.64

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