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Innovate: LM-2 Single Channel Air/Fuel Ratio Meter - With OBD-II, RPM, SD, and Analog I/O
Product ID: IN-3806
Manufacturer: Innovate Motorsports


The LM-2 3806 Kit (Single Wideband O2) includes the LM-2 meter, Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor, 10 ft sensor cable, cigarette-lighter power adapter, analog in/out cable, ODB-II/CAN interface cable, SD memory card, USB cable for PC connection, weld-in bung and plug, LogWorks software CD, and quick-start guide. Carrying Case also included! : NOW JUST 399!
Price: $399.00

Innovate: OT-2: OBD-II/CAN WiFi Interface for WiFi Compatible PCs & Smartphones
Product ID: IN-3831
Manufacturer: Innovate Motorsports


OT-2: OBD-II/CAN WiFi Interface for WiFi Compatible PCs & Smartphones. Logworks for iPhone & Wifi is free!
Price: $125.00

CJ4 Enhanced Data Scan Tool & Lab Scope, includes LATINOAMERICA LA Model
Product ID: INJ-9240-LA
Manufacturer: Injectronics


The CJ 4 Scantool LA this is specially designed for the Latin American market. Includes adapters and cables for almost all makes and models of vehicles in the countries of Latin America. The CJ4 is a device designed to increase diagnostic capacity who uses it, this results in better and faster diagnoses. It incorporates a much larger screen and appreciate more clearly the data, fault codes and graphs of the oscilloscope. The CJ4 Scantool is a portable automotive diagnostic tool for vehicles that meet the standard OBD-2 CAN and EOBD from 1996 to present.
List Price: $1,259.70
Price: $1,094.00

PLX: 52mm OLED Universal OBD Touch Screen Multi-Gauge w/ Control Box
Product ID: PLX-DM-100-OBD_Touch
Manufacturer: PLX Devices


PLX 52mm OLED Universal OBD Gauge w/ Control Box and touch screen gauge congrol. Thought the PLX custom MULTI-GAUGE couldn't get any better? It just did. All the features of the MULTI-GAUGE plus OBDII plug & play connectivity to view all your ECU data with a built in touch screen for ease of operation.
List Price: $379.99
Price: $189.99

Peake Research: PR-R5/FCX3-16 BMW Scan Tool 2001-2007 16 PIN VERSION ONLY
Product ID: PR-R5FCX3-16
Manufacturer: Peake Research


The R5/FCX 3-16 - Scan/Reset Tool for BMWs 2001 -2007. Read all BMW codes and reset the check engine and service lights. To cover years 1987 through 2007, see the universal model FCX-3-U This is the 16 PIN connector version
List Price: $149.99
Price: $99.99

Peake Research: R5/SRS Airbag Scan-Reset Tool for BMWs 1994-2000
Product ID: PR-R5SRS
Manufacturer: Peake Research


Airbag (SRS) Scan/Reset Tool for BMWs 1994-2000: - Reads all SRS fault codes and resets the SRS Light! (This is for the 20 PIN round connector - Requires adapter for use with 16 pin obd connector, or use of the SRS-16 version of this device.
Price: $119.99

Peake Research: PR-R5/SRS-16 Airbag SRS Scan-Reset Tool for BMWs 2001-2003
Product ID: PR-R5SRS-16
Manufacturer: Peake Research


PR-R5/SRS-16 - Airbag (SRS) Scan/Reset Tool for BMWs 2001-2003 (plus many 2004 models)
List Price: $129.99
Price: $99.99 USB to RS232 Converter with Prolific drivers
Product ID: ST-120701


USB to Serial converter allows OBD-II serial devices to be used with laptops that have no serial port. Based on the Prolific Technology PL-2303 chip
Price: $19.95 Bluetooth USB Dongle, Vista Compatible
Product ID: ST-121003


The USB to Bluetooth adapter installs a virtual serial port, enabling the computer to communicate with Bluetooth devices such as PDAs and cellular phones. Add long range Bluetooth connectivity to a desktop or laptop computer without a built-in Bluetooth module.
Price: $29.50 OBD-II Cable, J1962M Right Angle to DB9F, 4.5 ft - P/N 142201
Product ID: ST-142201


OBD-II Cable, J1962M Right Angle to DB9F, 4.5 ft - P/N 142201
List Price: $32.95
Price: $30.00

OBDLink SX OBD-II Scan Tool
Product ID: ST-425801


OBDLink SX is the perfect entry level scan tool designed for the do-it-yourself mechanic. Despite its modest price tag, it is packed with advanced features normally found in more expensive scan tools. Includes the latest OBDWiz diagnostic software. USB interface.
List Price: $74.95
Price: $29.95

OBDLink MX Bluetooth Scan Tool | OBD-II to Smart Phone & Windows PC Interface
Product ID: ST-426101


OBDLink MX Scan Tool Bluetooth | OBD-II to Smart Phone & Windows PC Interface. Engineered to accelerate performance on mobile OBD Apps like Torque, MX is also the first Bluetooth scan tool that can access SW CAN & MS CAN networks in addition to standard OBDII protocols. MX is up to 400% faster than the closest competitor. Thanks to our BatterySaver technology, you can even leave MX plugged in without draining your battery when the engine is off.
List Price: $199.95
Price: $79.95

OBDLink MX Scan Tool WiFI - OBD interface for iPhone, PC and Android
Product ID: ST-426102


OBDLink MX Scan Tool | OBD-II to Smart Phone & Windows PC Interface - Now also in the NEW WiFi version!. Introducing the world's fastest OBD adapter! Engineered to accelerate performance on mobile OBD Apps like Torque, MX is also the first Wiiscan tool that can access SW CAN & MS CAN networks in addition to standard OBDII protocols. MX is up to 400% faster than the closest competitor. Thanks to our BatterySaver technology, you can even leave MX plugged in without draining your battery when the engine is off.
List Price: $199.95
Price: $79.95

OBDLink LX Bluetooth Scan Tool
Product ID: ST-427201


Connect with your car like never before OBDLink LX can be used as a diagnostic scan tool, logger, and real-time performance monitor. This pocket-size adapter won't obstruct driver legroom and features unparalleled performance, intelligent sleep mode, hacker-proof security, exceptional third party app support, free lifetime firmware and software updates, and a modest price tag. Includes exclusive android app and PC diagnostics software OBDLink LX includes the free OBDLink Android app, which works exclusively with OBDLink products. The OBDLink app is packed with outstanding features that make it easy to access, graph, log and export real-time engine data. You can also clear the Check Engine Light, read all diagnostic trouble codes and research them online, check emissions test readiness, and calculate instantaneous and average MPG. Want more gauges? Create a custom live dashboard directly on your Android phone or tablet! OBDLink LX also includes the free OBDwiz diagnostics software for Windows PCs, laptops. ELM327 functionality allows LX to work with dozens of popular third-party OBD apps and software Maximum vehicle coverage OBDLink LX works with all 1996 and newer cars & light trucks sold in the United States (except hybrids and electric vehicles). It also supports EOBD, JOBD, and all other international variants of OBD-II. The OBDLink proprietary connection algorithm enables LX Bluetooth to connect to more OBD supported makes & models than any other scan tool.
List Price: $69.95
Price: $49.95

Vehicle MRI OBD2 Vehicle Inspection Interface, Software & Services
Product ID: VehicleMRI
Manufacturer: VehicleMRI


VehicleMRI: OBD2 Vehicle Inspections In An Instant. Stop relying only on vehicle inspection methods such as a vehicle history report, VIN number check, obd2 scanner or visual inspection to determine vehicle condition. These will only get you so far. To determine the true vehicle value, you need to look inside and analyze the vehicle's internal electronic systems to find hidden problems. Introducing VehicleMRI - The Most Comprehensive Web-Based Electronic OBD2 Vehicle Inspection, Analysis and Vehicle Condition Reporting System. VehicleMRI finds problems that hide inside a vehicle's internal electronic systems by capturing and analyzing obd data to identify car problems you cannot see. VehicleMRI ensures that the same obd2 vehicle inspection checklist is quickly and accurately run thru every time. A VehicleMRI vehicle report can be viewed on the web, printed, emailed or saved.
Price: Not in Stock, Please contact us for availability

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