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EASE X3 Pro Scan Tool Suite Domestic & Generic
Product ID: DOM-X3-UR2-U
Manufacturer: Ease Diagnostics


EASE X3 Pro Scan Tool Suite, with Domestic and Generic  EASE J2534 Universal Reprogrammer II+ with USB PC Connection and Reprogramming Assistant Software. Reprogramming (Requires OEM data subscription(s).)

PC Connection Options:  USB

Fix US Domestic cars faster. Reflash J2534 Compliant Vehicles AND scan and diagnose vehicle problems easily, accurately and quickly.

These items are over $2000 if purchased individually, purchase them both in this combo package and save over $500.

List Price: $2,095.00
Price: $2,095.00

Ease: J2534 Universal Reprogrammer II Kit - Cabled  (OEM Data Subscriptions Not included)
Product ID: EASE-J2534-UR2-U
Manufacturer: Ease Diagnostics


J2534 Universal Reprogrammer II Kit - Cabled (OEM Data Subscriptions Not included) Complete J2534 pass thru solution, includes J2534 programmer and J2534 reprogramming assistant to guide you. Optional Wireless, OBD2 Scanner and off-board. Do you know that many times reprogramming is the only way to repair a vehicle and eliminate false DTCs? Have you ever stopped working on a vehicle because you don't have the equipment needed to reflash a controller? Don't turn business away!
List Price: $1,597.00
Price: $1,645.00

EASE X3 Pro Scan Tool Suite Software
Product ID: EASE-X3-All-Soft
Manufacturer: Ease Diagnostics


You can combine the power of the award winning EASE PC Scan Tool with ANY J2534 Reprogrammer so you can scan and reflash using a single interface. There’s no need to buy two separate systems for diagnostics and reflashing. Fix cars faster. View, graph and record vehicle data on your PC with this Professional PC Scan Tool software and your J2534 Reprogrammer or EASE Enhanced Interface.
List Price: $1,795.00
Price: $1,795.00

CJ4-R Professional OBDII Scan Tool and OSCILLOSCOPE
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Product ID: INJ-CJ4R
Manufacturer: Injectronics


Untitled 3

The CJ4-R is an intuitive handheld Scan tool for automotive diagnostics Including generic OBD-2 global coverage specific in 50 popular automotive brands - gas & diesel.
Integrated with a 2 channel Oscilloscope & Labscope. The CJ4 -R has a Bluetooth wireless communication channel that can simultaneously display diagnostic results on a cell phone or tablet compatible with Android operating system. Other functions such as Key Programming in selected brands.

Built tough to withstand usual conditions in a shop such as extreme temperatures and moderate impacts. This tool is updatable which prevents it from becoming obsolete. Updates are easily downloadable on average of 4-5 updates each year.

List Price: $950.00
Price: $675.00

Drew Tech Master Bundle with CarDAQ-Plus 2 Kit and Standard DrewLinQ Kit
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Product ID: DT-BNDL-CDP2-DL-01
Manufacturer: Drew Technologies


Untitled 2

Diagnostics & Reflash with OEM software & calibration files! Now in a master bundle kit including the CarDAQ-Plus 2 and the DrewLinQ heavy duty vehicle interface. Covers light-duty highway vehicles all the way to heavy-duty jobs, including semi trucks and industrial equipment.

List Price: $2,250.00
Price: $2,193.75

CarDAQ-M - PassThru J2534 Reflash/Diagnostics Hardware
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Product ID: DT-CarDAQ-M
Manufacturer: Drew Technologies


The newest public release of GM's Diagnostics Software, GDS2 version 11.0.09412, now works with DrewTech's CarDAQ-M and MongoosePro GM II. GM will not be providing technical support for aftermarket devices with GDS2 so customers will be encouraged to contact DrewTech directly for support. Tuner Tools LLC provides you the affordable and reliable CarDAQ-M (modular) vehicle reflash hardware from Drew Technologies, ideal for communicating with newer automobiles, heavy duty trucks, and CAN networks. The CarDAQ-M is modular, updateable for future changes to the protocols and The list of OEMs now supporting full diagnostics over J2534 tools now includes Toyota, Volvo, BMW & General Motors!
List Price: $1,895.00
Price: $1,847.63

Drew Tech CarDAQ-Plus - PassThru J2534 Reflash/Diagnostic Hardware
Product ID: DT-CarDAQ-Plus-2
Manufacturer: Drew Technologies


Untitled 2

Diagnostics & Reflash with OEM software & calibration files! CarDAQ-Plus was built for real world conditions. It performs the standard PassThru J2534-1 & J2534-2 functionality, adds an internal 200MHz embedded Linux host, a CompactFlash slot, and an internal webserver for thin-client applications. In addition to acting as a laptop-to-vehicle PassThru device, it can also host diagnostic and datalogging applications on-board. <b>The list of OEMs now supporting full diagnostics over J2534 tools now includes Toyota, Volvo, BMW & now... General Motors!

List Price: $1,680.00
Price: $1,638.00


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