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LSX Intake Manifold for 78mm throttle body (click)

LSX Intake Manifold for 90mm throttle body (click)



The LSX Polymer Intake by F.A.S.T. & Comp Cams   LSX Intake Manifolds - available for 78mm and 90mm throttle bodies

Forget about hand ported LS6 intakes or inferior aluminum manifolds; the LSX Intake Manifold by FAST outperforms them all, right out of the box. Made from a super-strong composite polymer, the patented LSX delivers a 20+ hp increase over stock LS1 & LS2 intakes and a 15+ hp advantage over the LS6 intake without sacrificing drivability. Even more impressive are the gains that await those with popular performance upgrades, such as aftermarket heads, performance cams and custom tuning.

"Wow. The F.A.S.T intake, designed with intake manifold maestro Keith Wilson and manufactured with state-of-the-art composites to maintain low weight, provided eye-opening performance in our test..."
Street Thunder Magazine 'The Great LS1 Intake Test' 


LSX Intake Manifold for the 78mm throttle body - by FAST Fuel Air Spark Technology

The unique runner design of the LSX Intake Manifold delivers high rpm power AND low-end torqueLSX Intake Manifolds - available for 78mm and 90mm throttle bodies

Made from space-age composite polymer, the patented FAST LSX Multi-Piece Intake Manifold shows a 20+ horsepower increase over the LS1 intake and 15+ horsepower over the LS6 intake, with no loss of drivability or low rpm torque. Best of all, the FAST space-age Amodel polymer intake is 30 percent stronger than the stock polymer unit. Unlike aluminum intakes, the FAST polymer intake avoids becoming a power robbing heat sink. The LSX comes with integrated nitrous oxide injector ports and the ability to accept a larger than stock throttle body for increased air flow. In addition, the LSX Manifold has added material for porting and the top shell is interchangeable to accept the 78mm or 90mm LSX Throttle Bodies.And for those that need to open things up a bit more....  Molded witness marks to make port matching simple

Longer tapered runners that help increase rpm & hp while retaining low-end torque

25% increased plenum volume, allowing less turbulence for the air charge

Three-piece design permits easy access for porting and modifications

Optional burst panels for supercharged, turbocharged or nitrous-injected engines

Space age polymer construction thats 30% stronger than stock polymer

Available for 78mm or 90mm throttle body

Interchangeable top section to switch sizes

Designed for additional porting with witness grooves

Custom FAST fuel rails available

Custom FAST throttle bodies available

Includes built in bung for nitrous oxide direct injection

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