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Product ID: Snow-212
Snow Performance Stage II GM MAF Boost Cooler Water/Methanol Injection Kit
Snow Performance Stage II GM MAF Boost Cooler Water/Methanol Injection Kit
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The Snow Performance Stage 2 MAF/MAP water-methanol injection system is designed for all naturally aspirated/forced induction vehicles utilizing a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor or Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. The Stage 2 uses a progressive controller that proportionally injects more or less water-methanol according to MAF/MAP output. Start and full points are adjustable for engagement and delivery curve to match what the engine requires. Proportionally injecting according to MAF/MAP sensor input gives an accurate delivery of water-methanol for small fast spooling turbos and positive displacement superchargers that hit boost almost instantly and allows the most accurate injection curve which translates into the highest cooling and performance gains. Proven to deliver 20-35 HP and 45 FTLB of torque on all naturally aspirated applications and 50-80 HP increases and up to 100 degree drop in air temps for all positive displacement superchargers and small fast spooling turbos! The Stage 2 comes with a MAFU controller that can be mounted any where in the engine bay or cab for a clean install and comes with the industry leading Snow Performance 300 PSI UHO pump and Hypersonic Nozzles for the absolute best atomization and power available for your vehicle.

  • Cooler Denser Air Charge
  • Achieve 116 Octane Quality Fuel From Pump Gas
  • Safely Run More Boost & Timing
  • Cleans Engine Combustion Of Carbon Build Up
  • Reduce Air Temperatures Greater and More Consistent Than Air to Air Intercooler
  • Made in USA
  • Nickel Plated Methanol Resistant Metal Fittings
  • Industry Leading 300 PSI Pump For More Pressure Than The Competition
  • Adjustable Start/Full Setting
  • Level Sensor Upgrade and Red LED to Alert User of Low Level
  • Green LED to Alert User When System is Injecting
  • Your Choice of Red, Blue, or Black Methanol Resistant High Temp Nylon Tubing
  • 2 Proprietary Hypersonic Nozzles For The Best Atomization on the Market
Whats In The Box:
  • 300 PSI UHO (Ultra High Output) Pump
  • 3 Quart Reservoir
  • All Tubing Necessary for Installation
    • 20' 1/4 Inch High Temp Nylon Tubing
  • MAFU Progressive Controller for Use With All MAF/MAP Sensors
  • Pig Tail Harness
  • Level Sensor Upgrade
  • 1 Nozzle Holder/Check Valve Combo
  • 2 Hyper-Sonic Nozzles
  • Required Hardware Needed For Installation
  • Snow Performance Running S Decal
  • Comprehensive Instructions to Install on Any Forced Induction Vehicle
  • Snow Performance 1-Year Warranty

NOTE: For All Naturally Aspirated/Boosted Vehicles Using a MAF/MAP Sensor


How Does it Work?
The Stage 2 MAF/MAP progressively commands water-methanol to inject into the intake of the vehicle based on the mass air flow sensor (MAF) or manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP). The concept behind this form of injection is to progressively increase injection as air flow increases into the engine. This is the best form of injection for small fast spooling turbos and positive displacement superchargers that pick up boost very quickly. When this finally atomized mixture enters the engine it does the following.

Reduces Air Inlet Temperatures
Chemical intercooling! When the atomized water evaporates it takes away massive amounts of heat (as much as 100 degrees) giving you the coldest densest air charge possible.

Increased Octane
Methanol is a slow burning high octane fuel. When mixed with water inside the combustion chamber it raises the effective octane of your fuel by 25 points when injecting a 50/50 mix of water/methanol. This means your 91 octane fuel now has the detonation control of 116 race gas! 

Cleans & Removes Carbon Build Up
Direct injected and emission equipped vehicles will gather carbon build up on the engine over time. This carbon build up can rob performance and decrease the longevity of your vehicle. Water-methanol injection steam cleans the engine of this carbon build up and prevents it from happening in the first place. 

Because you now have a colder denser air charge and high octane fuel you can now safely add boost/timing on your high performance vehicle for up to 20% HP gains!

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List Price: $526.31
Price: $499.99

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