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Product ID: ZA-NT004003
Manufacturer: ZAMP
ZAMP Z-Tech Series 4A Head/Neck Restraint (HNR)
ZAMP Z-Tech Series 4A Head/Neck Restraint (HNR)
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Z-Tech Series 4A SFI 38.1

$359.96 USD

Z-Tech Series 4A

The new Series 4A has new features never seen before in the Head and Neck Restraint market, and are ONE SIZE FITS ALL!  These new Patent Pending ï»¿features include:

  • Advanced Axis Adjustment allows you to adjust shoulder width, arm angle and arm width.  Fits different body shapes and sizes and adjusts to different race seats. 
  • Super Lightweight at approximately 925 grams.
  • Extremely Comfortable feels like you have nothing on.
  • Dual Compound Frame Specialized Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon is used for the shoulder frame offering leading structural characteristics.  Arms made with a Modified Alloy material give the device a dampening characteristic in a crash.  The two materials work together offering excellent performance.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware screws and binary post built with high quality and strength to provide long lasting strength.
  • Kevlar Webbing Tether connects helmet to restraint and offers good side to side motion during use.
  • Spring Clip Quick Connect allows easy connect/removal from helmet with one hand.  Red thumb tabs provide easy grip.
  • Belt Channel with Wings accepts 2” or 3” belts.
  • Replaceable Padding is easy to clean and/or replace for continued comfort.
  • Helmet Hardware needed is included to connect to helmet. 
  • SFI 38.1 Certified

Series 4A Set Up: 

Step 1– Adjust the shoulder width adjustment

You will want to measure the width of your neck (diag. 1-A). The Series 4A has a neck width that ranges from 4.75 to 7.75 inches.  Upon establishing that measurement, you will want to adjust your shoulder adjustment (diag. 1-B) to 1 inch wider than your neck measurement. Remove 4 screws and binary posts and set to correct position.  If you will be adjusting wider than the setting out of the box, you may need to loosen the strap, video instructions




Step 2- Adjust the UPPER ARM Angle

It is recommended that you adjust this in your race seat to get the best angle for your individual needs. There are two screws on each side (diag. 2-A ).  Screw #1 is the only screw that needs to be removed to adjust angle.  Screw #2 does not need to be removed and it has thread lock on it from mfg.  Remove Screw #1, and adjust the arm angle so that fits snug against body, but does not protrude into your body.  Adjust both sides to same angle.



Upon completion of steps 1-2, once you are 100% happy with the fit of your restraint, we recommend that at this time your remove all screws one at a time (except screw #2 in step 2) and secure them with tread lock “blue” and tighten snug.

Step 3- Adjust tethers and strapping

It is recommended that you evaluate the video here in regards to adjustment of tethers and strapping.  You will want to make sure the strapping stays in the same configuration throughout the hardware as you receive it from the mfg.  There are two points which you will want to adjust (diag. 4-A).  Point #1 should be adjusted to 2.75 inches (70mm) and Point #2 should be adjusted to approx. 1.75 inches (45mm).


Step 4- Setting Up Helmet

Installation of Z-Tech hardware will depend on if your helmet has a certified M6 Insert or a Predrilled. Helmet inserts that are not certified are not recommended.

M6 Inserts– Set Part #2 against helmet shell centered to the insert. Then put the M6 Screw provided through Part #1 with thread lock “blue” on the end of the screw. Align Part #1 and M6 Screw through Part #2 and carefully screw the M6 insert into the helmet without cross threading during installation. Tighten snuggly and allow thread lock to dry.

Predrilled– You will first need to install Z-Tech nut washer Part #3 on the interior of the shell. Slide Part #3 between the Shell and EPS/Dense foam upper liner, carefully positioning it center to the predrilled hole.  Once Part #3 is positioned correctly, then you can move on. Set Part #2 against helmet shell centered to the insert.  Then put the M6 Screw provided through Part #1 with thread lock “blue” on the end of the screw.   Align Part #1 and M6 Screw through Part #2 and carefully screw the M6 insert into the helmet without cross threading during installation.  Tighten snuggly and allow thread lock to dry.



List Price: $399.99
Price: $359.96

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