AEM CD Dash Holley EFI PNP PNP Adapter Harness

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AEM’s CD Dash Holley Plug & Play CAN bus Communication Harness (PN 30-2214) eliminates the need to manually wire a CD-5 Carbon or CD-7 Digital Dash Display to a Holley EFI system! This harness is fully terminated and connects the CAN2 input on the CD Dash main harness to the CAN output on a Holley EFI harness.

Because the Holley EFI system does not provide power from the CAN output, AEM recommends using its CD Power Cable (PN 30-2218, included in every CD Dash kit) to simplify power and ground connections. The CD Power Cable connects to the AEMnet connector on the CD Dash wiring harness and includes a pigtail connection with power and ground leads that make it easy to wire the dash for power when used with non-AEMnet equipped devices.

  • Provides plug & play connection from Holley EFI systems to CD-5 Carbon or CD-7 Digital Dash Display – no additional wiring necessary!
  • Connects to CAN2 connector on CD Dash main harness and CAN output on Holley EFI harness
  • CD Power Cable (PN 30-2218, included in CD Dash kits) simplifies power and ground connection to CD Dashes