AEM Series 2 Plug & Play EMS Manual Trans Lancer Evo

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The EMS is a stand alone system, which completely replaces the factory ECU and features unique Plug and Play Technology, which means that each system is configured especially for your make and model of car without any jumper harnesses. There is no need to modify your factory wiring harness and in most cases your car may be returned to stock in a matter of minutes.

For stock and slightly modified vehicles, the supplied startup calibrations are configured to work with OEM sensors, providing a solid starting point for beginner tuning. For more heavily modified cars, the EMS can be reconfigured to utilize aftermarket sensors and has many spare inputs and outputs allowing the elimination of add-on rev-limiters, boost controllers, nitrous controllers, fuel computers, etc. It also includes a configurable onboard 1MB data logger that can record any 16 EMS parameters at up to 250 samples per second. Every EMS comes with all functions installed and activated; there is no need to
purchase options or upgrades to unlock the full potential of your unit.