AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module

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The AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM) is an AEMnet CANbus enabled device with an on-board 50Hz 3-axis accelerometer, 50 Hz 3-axis gyrometer and fast, highly accurate 10Hz GPS + GLONASS that provides pinpoint position accuracy. The VDM’s GPS + GLONASS deliver vehicle speed, position, heading and altitude, enabling you to create track maps using AEMdata’s track mapping software, while the accelerometer and gyrometer provide critical data for chassis tuning thanks to their fast, 50Hz sampling rate. There has never been a more affordable way to capture highly accurate position data for track mapping!

Installation is simple and virtually no set up is required. It is powered by the AEMnet connection, so you simply mount the weather resistant-module in the correct orientation at the correct angle and connect it to the AEMnet adapter. Data from the VDM does not require configuration; It is recognized by the Infinity (software v96.2 or newer) or AQ-1 (software 4.01.7 or newer) and the channels are added to the data logs. The GPS + GLONASS antenna is IP67 rated (completely dustproof, waterproof to 1m) for mounting on the outside of the vehicle.

  • Simply install it in the correct position, connect to AEMnet and the data streams through AEMnet CANbus!
  • Ideal for road racers who want to use the gyrometer data for suspension adjustments
  • Perfect for drag racers who want to see and log G-loads
  • View vehicle speed, latitude longitude, altitude, course and satellite count
  • GPS latitude & longitude delivers AEMdata track map functionality via AEMnet CANbus
  • Add GPS, lateral G, altitude, pitch, roll and yaw data to data logs for analysis and lap comparisons
  • View lap times on CD-7 Digital Dash
  • Can be used to drive an odometer feature
  • 50Hz Accelerometer and 50Hz gyroscope supply all 3-axis acceleration, pitch, roll and yaw data for chassis tuning
  • 10Hz GPS + GLONASS Receiver
  • UTC date and time
  • Status LED indicates power & GPS signal
  • Weather resistant enclosure with IP67 rated GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • AEMnet CAN Extension Cables available for extra length (sold separately)