Black Flag Fuel Pump - 525 LPH

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Black Flag InTank Fuel pum - 525 LPH (similar form factor to Walbro 450/490)
E85 Compatible!

Black Flag high performance and high flow fuel pumps are designed to keep the fuel flowing when you need it the most.  Black Flag fuel pumps are recommended for cars or trucks that need significant fuel flow that the factory fuel pump can not provide. 

- Twin scroll turbine pump for stable high flowrate
- Compatible with Gasoline and E85 fuels
- 465LPH @ 43.5psi @ 13.5V
- Bypass valve opens at 110 psi
- Requires at least a 25A fuse and 12 GA wire


      Configuration: In-Tank

      Main Body Diameter: 39mm
      Outlet Diameter: 10mm
      Pump Section Diameter: 50mm