Edge 2003-2004 FORD 6.0L POWERSTROKE EVOLUTION 15002

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Evolution Programmer


  • Able to adjust shift points/pressure
  • Adjustable speed/rev limiter


    The Evolution allows the user to view up to 5 PIDs at one time. There are 11 different PIDs to choose from. Below is a list and description of each:
    • RPM (revolutions per minute) - Engine speed.
    • MPH (miles per hour) - Note: Dash display may be +/-3 MPH off from the digital display due to mechanical differences in the spring, etc. used to control the gauge.
    • ECT (engine coolant temperature) - Degrees F.
    • BST (Boost Pressure) - PSI
    • EGT (Exhaust Gas Temp) - Degrees F.
    • EOT (Engine oil temperature) - Degrees F.
    • TFT (Transmission fluid temperature) - Degrees F.
    • IAT (Intake air temperature) - Degrees F.
    • BARO (Barometric pressure) - PSI
    • BAT (Battery voltage)
    • DTC (Diagnostic trouble code count)