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CJ4R Scan Tool with labscope

The CJ4-R is an intuitive handheld Scan tool for automotive diagnostics including global OBDII and make specific coverage for more than 50 popular brands.
Integrated with a 2 channel Oscilloscope. The CJ4 -R has a Bluetooth wireless communication channel that can simultaneously display diagnostic results on a cell phone or tablet compatible with Android(c) devices or iPhones(c)
This tool is updatable.
Updates are easily downloadable on average of 4-5 updates each year.
Free updates for 2 years after purchase and 2 years warranty.

The CJ4R allows to be operated standalone or wirelessly as an optional mode.

Applications for mobile devices (Android and IOS systems

The CJ4R is a full diagnostic platform that includes an OBDII/CAN Scantool, 2-Channel Labscope and voltmeter, along with intuitive software such as the CJ-Smog program which automatically checks for Pass/Fail monitor conditions. The CJ4R Scantool is built to be a one stop source for most of your diagnostic needs. Additional hardware expansions take the CJ4R to the next diagnostic level. The expansions allow the Scantool to perform as an Injector Tester as well as a Battery/Charging system tester. Injectronic has also developed apps for both Android© and Apple© mobile devices. The apps allow the technicians to use their favorite mobile devices as a wireless display. The days of being tied down to 1 display unit per Scantool are history with the CJ4R. Simply download the app from your app store, plug in your CJ4R to the vehicle, and connect via Bluetooth.

OBDII/CAN Diagnostics: Allows the technician to use both the Generic OBDII Software for blazing fast emissions based diagnostics and the Enhanced OE Level software for powerful, in-depth coverage on available vehicle modules. The powerful Enhanced coverage features special functions on specific vehicle manufacturers that include, Key Programming, Memory Reset, SKIM adaptation, ECU adaptation, Oil life reset, and much more!
The integrated powerful 2 channel Labscope makes component and circuit testing a breeze! 02 sensors, Fuel injectors, Current Ramping, Ignition, you name it, it’ll test it. The user intuitive Labscope software allows for a short learning curve. No need to spend hours learning the buttonology of the scope, we’ve made it easy! Included in this robust software, is a full Voltmeter and waveform library.
Optional Injector Tester MICRO 5558 connects directly to the fuel injector, allows for both ON and OFF bench injector testing. The software allows you to configure modes of operation including, Continuous Operation, Programmable Cycles, and Predefined Cycles.
Optional 4514 Battery tester module 4514 converts your CJ4R into a full battery and charging system tester. Using Midtronics© conductance technology, the software allows the user to input battery data and run the tests. The simple to read “Good” or “Bad” messages allows for simple user navigation.

Features and Characteristics
– Protective rubber holders
– Integrated SD card
– Wireless Bluetooth
– Compact and durable case
– 2 years free updates
– 2 years warranty
– Professional level diagnostics
– Remote display capability using a mobile device
– 2 channel labscope w/ wireless voltmeter functions
– USB port

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We offer you a satisfaction guarantee for the CJ4R as follows:

– 14 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.
– Freight and transportations not included.
– For USA customers only.

CJ4R included contents

1)CJ4R scanner
2)SD card for applications
3)9302 OBDII cable
4)9304 Nissan DDL cable
5)4515 module
6)9194 rotary switch module
7)9402 battery adaptor
9)9217 oscilloscope test leads

10) High impact case
11)Applications for android(c) and iPhone(c) devices