Sniper Commando Tuning Kit - Ford Gas & Diesel

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Delta Force Commando tuning software displays tuning information in user friendly language. This means that there shouldn't be any phrases only understood by rocket scientists. We try to break down the terminology that's easy for everyone to understand.

The Delta Force Commando laptop tuning kit will tune the 1997-2010 Ford Gas or Diesel vehicles shown in the "Vehicle Applications" tab.  (select either gas or diesel at checkout)

As a tuner, this package offers you the ability to program (flash) the performance file you've created into your vehicle without having to purchase additional hardware, unlike other companies where you are required to buy a hand-held programmer for each car. Flashing directly to the vehicle allows you to cut unnecessary costs.

Delta Force Commando tuning packages include the Special Forces tuning software. This state-of-the-art software allows you to create extremely impressive starter or base performance files in just a few minutes. Just simply answer some questions and you'll have a performance file in minutes.

Delta Force Commando tuning software allows you to view multiple files at the same time. This allows you to compare files and locate the changes. For example: You can load a stock file and a performance file and see the difference between the two files. In addition to viewing the differences, you will also see the before / after values so you know how much a specific area has been changed.

Unlike other tuning software, the Delta Force Commando tuning software allow you to edit/create performance files with actual real world numbers (example: displays actual air/fuel ratio instead of Lambda). This prevents you from wasting time trying to figure out conversions.

The Delta Force Commando tuning software allows you to create performance files in different ways. You can view as a spreadsheet and type or copy / paste into the Scalars, Functions / Tables. You can view as a 2-D or 3-D graph and drag the values with your pc's mouse.

All performance tunes created by Delta Force Commando tuning software are fully compatible with other Delta Force Tuning products which include the plug-in chip, Interface and I-2 programmer.

Is your car/truck already tuned?  No problem, just read the tuned file from your vehicle with our kit and load that file into Delta Force/Commando and view the changes. From there, you can adjust that file.

This Delta Force Commando Tuning package is designed for individual users (vehicle owners) and includes 2 Special Forces Bullets (VIN Licenses) and one Commando Bullet / Template included.  i.e. you can tune 2 covered vehicles using the included Special Forces software / and one using the Commando Bullet/Template.