STS Turbo Rear Mount Multi-Fit Twin-Turbo Kit

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stsmulti-fit rear mount dual turbo kit gives you the groundwork to install twin turbochargers on almost any vehicle.
STS Turbo overcomes the challenges of traditional installations by mounting the turbos in the rear of the vehicle in place of the stock mufflers (on some vehicles). With turbos instead of mufflers, you can retain stock exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, mid pipes and have a distinctive performance sound that is sure to turn heads. Relocating the turbos to the rear avoids adding additional heat under your hood and you won't have to worry about clearance or interference issues with belts, pulleys, or accessories.
STS Rear Mount Multi Fit Dual Turbo Kits include turbochargers, waste-gates, air filters, patented twin pump oiling system, wiring harness and necessary turbo mounting flanges.


  • Multi fit application designed to help simplify building a twin turbo system on virtually any vehicle
  • Remote mounted kit is custom engineered to spool quickly, while eliminating all of the installation and excess heat issues of a front-mounted turbocharger
  • Approximately 500 degrees F lower turbo temperatures eliminates the need for a turbo-timer, which requires the engine to run after the car is shut off to cool down the turbo and prevent oil and bearing damage
  • Turbo is exposed to ambient air rather than under-hood air which allows for better cooling of turbo components while also providing a cooler, denser charge air to the engine
  • Kit includes turbochargers, waste gates, wiring harness, air filters, patented twin pump oiling system, necessary turbo mounting flanges
  • Twin turbo design will support up to 650(1003), 760(1004) hp (along with the necessary supporting engine modifications)
  • Does not include exhaust tubing, air intake tubing, or blow-off valve