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Euro Flash Diagnostics and Tuning Interface Cable

Supports many european motorcycles using Magneti and Marelli and a few other select ECUs - KTM, Buell, MotoGuzzi, and select Aprilia, BMW and Benelli motorcycles.

Please Note - additional adapters may be required

The EuroFlash is an OBD based interface cable adapted to work with many popular european motorcycle. This kit allows you to interface with your ECU through the factory diagnostic port (may require additional adapters). This allows you to perform full factory diagnostics, including CO trim, checking and clearing fault codes, setting TPS and real time engine data using Free OpenSource software (software not included - see links below) and mny time even reflash and tune your factory ECU! These cables are tested and guranteed! Don't risk buying a cheap knock-off cable and hope it works! PLEASE NOTE: Many bike will require an additional adapter between this cable and the factory diagnostics port. Please contact us if you are not sure which port you have/need and we can help source or provide an adapter! We do sell a full kit including adapter for Ducati motorcycle here:

The EuroFlash Cable will also allow you to reflash and tune your own motorcycle using MPPS, TuneECU, Guzzi-Diag, TunerPro, and many other software packages to read and write your ecu .  With this powerful software and interface you can tune your fuel and ignition maps, change setting such as fans, rev-limitter and more, reset your service light, remove your immobilizer (Very useful if you lost your key code and need a new key!) and even reprogram the startup message on your dash!)

Downloads and information on the software can be found here:

Tuner Pro - Used for editing and saving your tune files  (neccessary on some motorcycles)

-Guzzi Diag - Diagnostics and Read/Write sofware, and definition files (definition files are used with Tuner Pro to create your tune) used often with Ducati and Moto Guzzi motorcycles. Please note: this cable does NOT work with CANbus based (4 pin) Ducati motorcycles. These are typically 2012+ bikes (anything with a Siemens/Continental or Mitsubishi ECU)

For Magneti and Marelli ECUs use the Reader/Writer specific for you ECU (i.e. 15x Reader for 15M ecus, IAW5xReader for 5AM/59M ecus)

The Guzzi Diag software is universal, simply download the Guzzi Diag software here:

-JPDiag - an alternative Diagnostics interface to Guzzi Diag - includes a belt tensioning software tool as well. - specific for Ducatis

-TuneECU - Provides wide support for KTM and Triumph, and Ducati, and select support for GTM, MotoGuzzi, BMW and Benelli: Download from Google Play Store

-ECMSpy - Software for Diagnositcs and flashing of Buell motorcycles:

Have questions or need assistance? Call us to speak with one of our tuning specialists at 888-623-8863 or email us a and we would be happy to help!