Tuning and Diagnostics

Tuner Tools offers a range of tuning services and troubleshooting/diagnostics. Services include:

  • Dyno Tuning on our DynoDynamics load bearing dyno located in Billerica MA.
  • Fly-in or remote dyno tuning
  • Remote ECU setup and trouble-shooting
  • Remote/Email based tuning (Real time or email/log)

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Please include vehicle and ECU details including modifications and type of use vehicle is subjected to (Road Race, Drift, Drag, etc)


  • Tuning rates start at:
    • Dyno tune on our dyno:$1000-$1200 for complete standalone tune (single fuel) - includes startup, idle, drivability and power/WOT tuning. Flex Fuel setups are and additional $200.  Includes free touch-up corrections as long as the combo remains the same. 
    • Fly-in Tuning - Price upon request (typically travel costs +$600-$800 /day of time on the dyno or at the track)
    • Remote Tuning: $350 starting flat rate for remote/email tunes.  Remote real time $150/hr, minimum of 2hrs.
    • ECU Setup/Trouble shooting: $125 for up to 90 minutes, or $50 for a basic review and revision via email. May require knowledge/skills on your end to perform directed tests.
  • As with many services these may vary based on application. Please contact us to discuss your needs 

Systems and ECUs we support includes:

  • MoTec
  • Emtron
  • Haltech
  • Link
  • ECUMaster
  • AEM
  • HP Tuners (GM applications) (requires hardware or hardware rental)

We also offer remote trouble shooting and diagnostics services. If you have an issue setting up an ECU or with just a small part of your tune we can help troubleshoot for a reasonable fee. Remote real time trouble shooting is $50 for 30 minutes minimum, or $75/hr.

Shop rate for non tuning work in person is billed at $135/hr.