We believe in customer service here at Tuner Tools. Not because that's what we think you want to hear but because Tuner Tools is more than a company to us - it's a passion and dedication to our family, founder and mentors. To offer anything less would be a disservice to those that have made Tuner Tools what it is today.

Don't take our word for it. Experience the passion and drive behind every member of the Tuner Tools staff and family. Become a member of the Tuner Tools family and see for yourself. Contact us today so we can be a part of your build and experience. Let us earn your business. 

Tuner Tools LLC  was founded in 2006 by the Barnhill family as a concept between Brian and his Father Lloyd and has continued to grow thanks to our customers and our dedication to the tuning community. Tuner Tools as founded from our passion for motorsports and cars and specializes in tuning and diagnostics tools for modern fuel injected engines and we've provided and worked on vehicle for pavement, dirt, water and even the air! 

Tuner Tools is founded by Racers & Tuners for Racers & Tuners. Our team includes crew and tuners from Formula Drift, Global Time Attack, GT Cup racing and more. We are in business because of our passion. We believe that tuning is something everyone should have access to - not kept a secret art or difficult concept. Our products, site and staff are all oriented to support tuners and enthusiasts of all skills.  Our aim is to build a relationship with all our customers and ensure we empower you with the parts and skills you need to achieve your goals - not just what gets parts of our shelves and money in our pocket.

Lloyd founded the Tuner Tools company on the same foundation he taught his sons: It's not about working harder, or smarter. It's about both. Honest work and honest effort backed by a desire to always ask questions seek answers and be willing to learn. These aren't words - they are the heart of Tuner Tools. We continue with the same passion and same honest approach as a tribute and dedication to Lloyd, his life and the passion he had.

Lloyd passed away suddenly and unexpected in February of 2014 - this was a cross-roads for the company and for Lloyd's wife Jan and son Brian. It would be easy to move on, let Tuner Tools go and let its success be a mark and dedication to Lloyd. This, of course, isn't what Lloyd taught Brian or any of his children. Lloyd was a large part of Tuner Tools and though he may not be with any longer his memory and legacy would live on through the company he founded and lessons he taught. 

Brian would quit his day job as an engineer in the engine development department of an OEM automotive manufacturer and take over the day to day management and direction of Tuner Tools, bringing his passion for motorsports and tuning and understanding of current automotive culture, needs and trends to the company. Every step of the way the drive is to ensure that the company his father founded would continue and do so in a way that would ensure his father's pride. Losing a parent is always hard, but Tuner Tools has provided Brian with an outlet and passion to pour himself into. Every car we touch and part we sell is an extension of this passion and drive.

It would unfortunately be another tragedy that would push Tuner Tools to the next step. The same group Brian would race with in college, compete in Formula SAE and build countless cars wound up living in the Midwest all working on the automotive field - a large amount even for the same company. This group spent sleepless nights in the shop building, designing and racing. It was a bond as deep as any family. These were the family that helped the Barnhill's through Lloyd's death and are as pivotal to the success of Tuner Tools as any founding member.  We would unfortunately lose one of our best friends, Anton, just a year after Lloyd's passing to mental health and suicide.

Again, facing a difficult life situation and uncertainty - coupled with a very significant amount of confusion and grief - Brian, his family and the Tuner Tools staff would turn to Motorsports as an outlet and therapy. This life event was the catalyst to ensure we did everything in our power to honor the memory of both Lloyd and Anton. We opened our Columbus, Ohio tuning shop and launched the next phase in the Tuner Tools legacy. Coupled with the shop launch was the entry back into competitive motorsports. Teaming up with Shane Whalley we began the Tuner Tools motorsports division and would compete in the Midwest Drift Union pro-am drift series. Tuner Tools quickly earned a reputation for being one of the hardest working and best prepared team on grid. This reputation was simply from our refusal to ever give up and ensure we got the car to and across the line regardless of any obstacles or adversity. From transmission changes grid side, to all night engine rebuilds and swaps we ensured we brought our best to grid and could be proud of our efforts at the end of the day. More importantly, we made sure Lloyd and Anton would be proud.

Tuner Tools would eventually grow from a part specialist, to a full scale tuning and fabrication shop and eventually professional Motorsports team winning Pro-am championships with multiple drivers, and moving into a national competition with Formula Drift and Time attack vehicles. Throughout all of this Brian, Jan and the other staff at Tuner Tools have remained in awe of the amazing support from the community and our customers.

We are humbled to be given the opportunity to be a part of your build and passion. We hope we can give you the experience that would make Lloyd and Anton proud and make you a part of our ever growing automotive family and share our passion and dedication.