FLASHCAL FOR BRONCO 2021-2023 Ford Bronco - 2.3 L4 and 2.7 V6 1546

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Complete adjustment list for Flashcal on Bronco 2.3 and 2.7 • Speedometer adjust for Tire Size 28.25 - 36.25" • Fog Lights: enable "Bambi Mode" for simultaneous use of fog lights with high-beams • Headlamps Position Setting: option for headlamps to return to "Auto Lamps" or remain at last known position • Auto Lights Delay: duration headlights illuminate after driver exit, 0, 5, 10, 20, 60, or 120 s. • Daytime Running Light disable or enable • TPMS Disable, for off-road wheels and tires • Independent TPMS threshold: Front and rear axles can be set differently from 1- 90 psi. • Auto Start/Stop Disable: Remains off with every restart, and can be reenabled with the Flashcal any time • Silent Mode: Turns off most cabin and exterior lights, and door chime with open door, ignition chime remains • Honk Warning Disable: 2-honk warning when driver exits running vehicle with key fob • Lock Feedback Lights: Enables hazard blink with unlock command • Auto Unlock: Vehicle unlocks with ignition off • Auto Lock: Disables factory setting to lock doors when vehicle is in motion • Auto Relock: Disables factory setting to re-lock doors 45 seconds after unlocking • Remote Unlock: Option to trigger all doors or just driver door • Remote Start: Selects engine run time duration for 0, 5, 10, 15 mins