Drew Technologies DrewLinQ HD & Commercial Tool and Programmer

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Heavy-Duty, Medium-Duty & Commercial Diagnostics and Programming tool

Drew Technologies' DrewLinQ® supports Heavy-Duty, Medium-Duty, and some OBDII vehicles as well as off-highway, agricultural, military, automotive, and other industrial-stationary equipment in a single device. Supporting PC-based applications, the DrewLinQ® utilizes 4 concurrent CAN (J1939/ISO15765) channels, J1708, J1587 and all OBDII protocols. It works with the TMC RP1210 A/B/C compliant applications you currently use as well as other J2534 OBDII pass-thru and diagnostic applications.

Also available! additional DrewLinQ® accessories including specialty cables for other manufacturers like CAT, Komatsu, Volvo, breakout boxes, and more, plus an extended warranty for up to 4 years!.

Industry’s Most Capable Heavy-Duty / Commercial Tool!

Drew Technologies provides the most reliable, capable heavyduty and commercial tool, including coverage for medium-duty, off-highway, agricultural, military, automotive and industrial stationary equipment. Let’s Bundle It! Maximize your DrewLinQ purchase with the DrewLinQ Kit Plus! (PART#: BNLD-DL-PFD-TFC-01)

Get $50 off PF-Diagnose software and also receive a complimentary 12-month subscription to TruckFaultCodes. Read fault codes and get their solutions in two easy steps! Clear fault codes, read and chart live sensors and actuators, perform supported tests, print various reports and more… even on proprietary applications!

Multiple bundle options!

Plus kit includes: : Standard DrewLinQ® Kit, PF Diagnose and 12-month TruckFaultCodes subscription.

Maste rBundle kit Includes: CarDAQ-Plus 3® Kit and Standard DrewLinQ® Kit

Features & Benefits


TMC RP1210 A/B/C and other pass-thru applications


4 CAN channels, J1939, J1708/J1587, ISO15765, OBDII protocols and more!


PC-based, pass-thru OE diagnostics and ECU programming


Included standard 2-year warranty with upgrade option to 4 years SUPPORT Included is Drew Technologies ASE-certified Technical Support


Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. 32-bit and 64-bit