Smarty UDC (User Defined Catcher) Dongle

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Smarty UDC - User Defined Catcher software Dongle

NOTE: THIS is just to use UDC software with an existing handheld/license! It does not allow you to tune additional vehicles!

The Smarty UDC is the ultimate in custom tuning software for Common Rail Cummins that the "Average Joe" can actually do. We're not saying it's something that you want ANYBODY to program your truck with, but the majority of shade-tree mechanics will have no issue tweaking programs with the User Defined CaTCHER.

First of all, here's how the UDC Software works:

For those with pre-existing Smarty Jr. (J-06), Sr. (S-06), and SSR and want the ultimate in tuning capabilities, you can purchase the UDC dongle and download the software to give your current Smarty this capability. The Smarty tuner will retain all of it's actual features (power levels, options, etc.).

In addition to the previous features there is now the possibility for you to program the Smarty with your own modified parameters to fine tune the truck. One more power level is added to Smarty's menu The User Defined CaTCHER.


The highest goal at Smarty for the UDC was simplicity. Any professional tuner will tell you that the most time consuming part in custom tuning is working out the right "base tune." There are hundreds of parameters that need to come together for a smooth, powerful, and trouble free base tune. With the UDC as the base software, the highest CaTCHER in the Smarty is used and the customer then needs to fine tune only the most performance relevant parameters.


For the Common Rail 5.9L's, these engine operation parameters are:

  • Duration (how long the fuel is injected)
  • Timing (when the fuel is injected in relation to top dead center)
  • Rail Pressure
  • Wastegate opening pressure (where applicable)
  • Torque Management (throttle sensitivity)

Also, for those shops/individuals that plan to sell their files to customers, a bonus is that the software cannot be read after being written, so your hard work can't be stolen from you. There is no limit to the number of licenses that can be used with the same software, but the Smarty will remain as is one truck at a time. In other words, multiple vehicles require multiple Smarty's and license dongles, but you can use the same software, so you can write the same program to multiple dongles/Smarty's.