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The goal of the EvoScan Project has been to support all Mitsubishi MUT-II (JOBD)/MUT-III and Subaru SSM Protocol and Nissan datalogging protocol Models Note: Only US DSMs/Eclipse and US EVO8/9 support the universal standard OBDII datalogging tools. For Japanese imports, other standard ISO9141 OBDII dataloggers will not work. EvoScan is what you need, because it uses the MUT-III factory dealership protocols. EvoScan still works with those US Models, although better and faster than the universal standard OBDII datalogging tools, since the Mitsubishi MUT-II (JOBD) Protocol runs 50% faster than ISO9141-2!

By changing a setting in your ecu, you can make the datalogging run 400% faster than ISO9141-2! I am working on supporting more than just Mitsubishi Vehicles, it will become compatible with Subaru, and all other Vehicles, and will work with Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and Emissions testing protocols.

Using the alerting features of EvoScan could alert you to a bad tune or bad fuel, i.e. Detonation Knock Counts, Temperatures, Air/Fuel ratios and potentially saving you your engine.

EvoScan Supports the following Mitsubishi Vehicles: 
Supports ALL USA/EUROPEAN/JAPANESE/ Mitsubishi Vehicles. ALL Mitsubishi Vehicles with a 16pin OBDII connector, or 12pin connector, all Mitsubishis from 1994 onwards have one of these... High-Speed Datalogging - 200 data items per second! 
Mitsubishi Evo 4/5/6/7/8/9, GTA/FQ, Lancer, Legnum, Eclipse, FTO, Galant, VR4, Colt, Mirage/Mivec Mirage, L200/L400* only works on particular Mitsubishi Diesel Vehicles, 3000GT, Pajero/Shogun, Diamante, Outlander, Montero, Magna, Expo, Verada, Delica, Spacegear/SpaceWagon/SpaceStar/SpaceRunner, Dodge Stratus, Eclipse GT/GS, Grandis, Carisma

EvoScan Supports the following Subaru Vehicles: 
Subaru Impreza, Justy, SVX, XT, Loyale, GL, GT, DL, Legacy, Baja, Forester, Outback, Baja, Forester, Impreza, Impreza, Legacy, B4, MY99, S/GT, RSK, STI, Turbo/WRX/GT, S/GT, S/GT Auto, RX, H6, STB, RS, GX, Type RA, Type UK, GLS, XT, Spec C, S401, Outback, H6 VDC, WRP10, Outback XT, Tribeca

OBD-I (12Pin) Supported Mitsubishi Vehicles: (requires 12 pin cable):
EvoScan software is confirmed working with these vehicles, using the EvoScan 12pin OBDI Datalogger cable. 
Mitsubishi Eclipse/DSM* (*1995/1996 full support not available yet) 
1990-93 Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO 27) 1990-93 Mitsubishi Dodge Stealth 
1990-94 Eagle Talon, Mitsubishi Eclipse, or Plymouth Laser 
1991-92 Galant VR-4 
1993 Mitsubishi Lancer GTI 16v 
1989-92 Colt, Summit & Mirage (CSM) 
1992-95 Mitsubishi Evo I*, II* & III* (*full support not available yet) 
1990-1995 Any Mitsubishi vehicles fitted with a 12-PIN OBDI diagnostic port

Hybrid 95-99 DSM/3000GT/Eclipse (16Pin) Supported Vehicles: 
EvoScan is the first to support these vehicles. Select "Hybrid" and select ECU "EFI" in EvoScan. EvoScan software is confirmed working with these vehicles, using the EvoScan / Tactrix 1.3U Datalogger/Reprogramming cable. 
Mitsubishi Eclipse/DSM (1995 and 1996 support Hybrid MUT Protocol) 
Mitsubishi 3000GT (Hybrid MUT Protocol) 
Mitsubishi Eclipse (Hybrid MUT Protocol)


Log data to CSV (Excel) file.

XML Data Settings File.

DataLogging speed optimizations - up to 200 data items per second!

Mitsubishi And OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Code support.

Datalog Active/Stored Fault Codes - Retrieve EFI Fault Codes - Clear EFI Fault Codes

Simultaneous synced Wideband serial port meter Logging Support

Innovate LM-1 Wideband Oxygen Sensor logging support.

Innovate LC-1 Wideband Oxygen Sensor logging support.

AEM UEGO Wideband Oxygen Sensor logging support.

Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband Oxygen Sensor logging support.

Logging Super Speed option (up to 200 total samples per second logging!)

Main EFI ecu data logging items (ABS/AYC/DTC ecu data items to follow)

Real-time Graphing support

Drag, Drop, and Position any number of gauges onto the screen.

Compatible with CAR PCs

Select from a wide range of impressive gauges (or preconfigured dashboards)