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BMW Enet Software Installation:

NOTE: Links never change. Latest versions always found below.

Thread with details and more instructions can be found at:

E-Sys - Install Instructions - v.15.pdf (Guide courtesy of member Shawnsheridan)

E-Sys 3.27.1 - Preferred version (All functions work)

  • E-sys 3.28.1 - May result in JRE runtime errors when you try to "Edit FDL" in Expert Mode > Coding
    • You will not be able to inject CAFD or flash program
    • External Transmitter does not work
  • E-sys 3.31.0 - Only use with Pro Launcher
    • Coding-Verification & External Transmitter do not work
Launcher Pro 3.x
  • See pdf instructions on acquiring activation for use
    • Pro Launcher TIPS: For Improved Pro Performance:
      1. Use 64-bit Java (JRE7 for E-sys 3.27.1 & JRE8 for 3.28.1+)
        • Replace 'jre' folder contents in E-sys installation directory or create separate 'jre_x64' folder. Then, set Launcher memory settings to custom 4-8 GB.
      2. Exclude kiswb that you do not using Launcher Settings
      3. Minimize Cheat Sheet Authors selected to just those you need
  • Launcher Premium 2.8.x (w/ Built in Token Generator) - Alternative free solution
    • NOTE: Pro Launcher has newer mapping so you risk coding incorrect FDL's with Premium for G-series

  • Use this guide to determine your I-Step.
  • You only need one lite version for coding that is equal to or greater than your I-Step.
    • NOTE: If you get "Not Found [C012]" error when "Read Coding Data," it is time to update.
  • Do NOT merge. DELETE old PSdZData folder & REPLACE w/ new PSdZData folder.
  • ISTA-P Version & I-Level Overview