DucNostics Ducati Interface Kit

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DucNostics Interface Cable

Ducati Diagnostics and Tuning Interface Cable  - Now supports the Aprilia RSV4!!!

Supports Ducati motorcycles using Magneti and Marelli ECUs (Most 2009 and earlier models including: 916/998/748, 1098/848, 888, Monster 620/800,/1000DS, 900SS, 750SS, 800SS ST2, ST4S, S4R, Sreet Fighter, Multistrada and more, see full list at the bottom of the page for ECU Details) 

New support for Aprilia RSV4 and other models using the Magneti and Marelli 7SM ECU! (only via GuzziDiag software - includes diagnostics and read/write software for 7SM ecu)

Tuner Tools is proud to now offer our line of motorcycle diagnostics and tuning equipment!

  The DucNostics interface is an OBD based interface cable adapted to work with your Ducati motorcycle. This kit allows you to interface with your ECU through the factory 3 pin diagnostic port. This allows you to perform full factory diagnostics, including CO trim, checking and clearing fault codes, setting TPS and real time engine data using Free OpenSource software (software not included - see links below.) These cables are tested and guranteed! Don't risk buying a cheap knock-off cable and hope it works!

The DucNostics Cable will also allow you to reflash and tune your own motorcycle!  (Supports IAW15M, 15P, 15RC, IAW5AM/59M and 7SM (Aprilia) ecu with the use of the Fiat 3 pin adapter cable) using MPPS or Guzzi-Diag software to read and write your ecu, and Tuner Pro software to edit and save your maps - all for free! (though we do highly suggest and support donating to the developers of these programs!) With this powerful software and interface you can tune your fuel and ignition maps, change setting such as fans, rev-limitter and more, reset your service light, remove your immobilizer (Very useful if you lost your key code and need a new key!) and even reprogram the startup message on your dash!)

Now supporting select Aprilia bikes using the 7SM ECU! Includes the RSV4, Atlantic, RS4 and Caponord.  Check the diagnostics port on your bike - this cable will work with those bikes utilitizing the Fiat style 3 pin diagnostics port. If your bike uses the 6 pin rectangular diagnostics port, check out our additional adapters for additional Aprilia support!

Downloads and information on the software can be found here:

Tuner Pro - Used for editing and saving your tune files    


Guzzi Diag - Diagnostics and Read/Write sofware, and definition files (definition files are used with Tuner Pro to create your tune) - Also used for Aprilia RSV4


For ducatis use the Reader/Writer specific for you ECU (i.e. 15x Reader for 15M ecus, IAW5xReader for 5AM/59M ecus)

The Guzzi Diag software is universal, simply download the Guzzi Diag software here:http://www.von-der-salierburg.de/download/GuzziDiag/GuzziDiag_V0.47.zip

JPDiag - an alternative Diagnostics interface to Guzzi Diag - includes a belt tensioning software tool as well.


We offer this kit standard with the ducati/fiat 3 pin interface with aligator clips (the aligator clips supply power to the interface as the diagnostics port does not supply power to the main cable).  We offer the option to replace the alligator clips with a sealed automotive connetcor so the power can be wired directly to a switched ignition source. This is critical if you are leaving the cable on the bike during riding for logging purposes or powering a unit such as the innovate OT2, a DashDAQ, or using a BlueTooth scan tool with TuneECU or other device.  We also offer the cable with a battery tender type connector to simplify connections if your battery terminals or wiring are difficult to access.