AEM 3.5 Bar MAP Sensor (1/8 NPT)

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30-2130-50 - 50 PSIa or 3.5 Bar Stainless Sensor Kit (up to 35.7 PSI boost)

1/8 NPT Sensor with adapters. Suitable for up to 35.7 PSI of boost

  • Includes: 50 PSIa or 3.5 Bar Stainless Sensor, Connector, Pins, Pin Lock, 1/8" NPT to -4 Adapter & 1/8" NPT to 3/16" Barb Adapter

Use a SS Pressure Sensor where you need exact details of the pressure.
Example: MAP Sensor information for the ECU – Calibration/crucial information for the ECU.

  • Stainless-steel sensors accurate to within 1% of full scale (pressure sensors)
  • High-quality sealed sensor housings are virtually impervious to automotive fluids (360-degree welded wetted area)
  • Connector and pins included