Cartek XR Battery Isolator Kit with Red Buttons

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The Cartek Motorsport GT Battery Isolator is a very small and highly reliable alternative to the traditional mechanical master-switch. The unit has been designed to overcome all of the problems and restrictions associated with mechanical and electro/mechanical safety cut-outs. When fitted to a race car this solid state battery isolator simultaneously isolates the battery and kills the engine immediately when triggered in accordance with FIA safety regulations.

This system has been designed to simplify installation thereby saving time and reducing build costs.

  • Fully electronic with no moving parts
  • Totally sealed against water and dirt
  • Completely resistant to shock and vibration
  • 0.5 second delay between transmitting the engine kill signal and disconnecting the battery allowing ECUs time to perform a shutdown sequence before electrical power is lost.
  • Fully integrated with built in alternator run-down circuitry - No extra components required
  • Driver operation by a single internal ON-OFF button/switch
  • External operation by single or multiple 'strike' button(s)
  • Buttons / switches connected to Isolator using light weight wiring
  • Mounts close to battery for reduced cabling
  • Very small and weighs just 70g
  • Designed and manufactured in UK using high quality components

How it Works
The Cartek Battery Isolator GT provides two functions. The first is to disconnect the Battery from all Electrical Circuits. The second is to kill the engine.

Battery Isolation
Battery Isolators work by being fitted in between the negative side of the battery and the chassis. When the external kill button has been activated or the internal button been switched to the off state, then the Battery Isolator will disconnect the negative side of the battery from the Chassis. This means that no power can get to any of the electrical circuits as there is a break in the circuit.

Engine Kill
This unit does not have a power input or power output. Instead it sends a signal (12v 0.2a when on, switched to chassis/earth when off) which is wired up to either a Power Distribution Module or Motorsport ECU that has an ignition switch signal input. The ECU or Power Distribution Module will then shut down when it see’s this signal - which then kills the engine.

Built in Protection
The Cartek Battery Isolator XR comes with built in alternator run down protection meaning no extra wiring and no extra components.

How Is It Controlled?
The two electronic isolation circuits are controlled by microprocessors and incorporate various safety systems including over-temperature and over-current monitoring. These microprocessors also monitor the kill switches/buttons for instant activation without false triggering.

Kit Contents:
  • Battery isolator XR
  • 1 x 2M cable
  • 1 x Internal button
  • 1 x External button
  • 1 x Safety stickers pack

Size L = 60mm, W = 45mm
Weight 70g
Battery negative terminal M8 stud.
Electrical connector Binder 09 0415 90 05
Connection cabled (supplied) Binder 79 1456 272 05 (2 meter long)
Operational Voltage: 7v - 18v
Current consumption 25mA ON, 0mA OFF
Battery negative switching current 600A cranking, 2000A surge
Engine kill signal current 12v 0.5A when ON, switched to chassis/earth when OFF
Operating Temperature -10 -+85 degrees C
Storage temperature -40°C - +125°C