CLUTCH MASTERS FCV-2000 (Flow Control Valve)

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CLUTCH MASTERS FCV-2000 (Flow Control Valve)

HIGHLY recommended on any drift car! This helps absorb/lessen the shock on the drivetrain on clutch kicks and other aggressive driving techniques! 

The extreme performance demands required of today’s performance cars coupled with an aggressive clutch can cause extreme driveline shock loads. The Clutch Masters FCV-2000 (flow control valve) will help reduce shock loads by allowing the clutch to slip slightly during engagement. This is accomplished by controlling the return flow of the hydraulic fluid. This device will not restrict flow during disengagement and as such, under normal driving conditions the pedal release and engagement will not feel different. 

Clutch MastersFCVis unique to the market by allowing the user to inter- change the supplied jets without breaking the hydraulic system. Bleeding the system is never required between jet changes.

Clutch Masters suggests always starting with the largest provided jet and decreasing the size as needed. The final size will depend on your driving style and your specific vehicle.

If engagement is too harsh the orifice size is too large. Excessive heat and/or wear in the clutch will occur if the orifice size is too small.

The three jets supplied are marked with a single number 3, 4 and 5. (The 3 indicates .030”, 4 is .040” and the 5 is .050”)

The smaller the orifice the slower the clutch engages reducing wheel spin and shock to the driveline. A larger orifice will allow the clutch to engage quicker.