DiabloSport predator 2019+ GM Trucks (Includes unlock device)

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2019-2022 GM 1500 Gas Predator  in-field Kit

Unlock AND Tune your 2019-2022 5.3L or 6.2L powered Silverado or Sierra, in your driveway with the predator!

The 2019-2022 (22.5+ refresh not supported at this time) GM gas trucks have been locked down since their introduction. Owners of these trucks have been waiting patiently for an affordable tuning solution, and DiabloSport has delivered in a big way! The new 9226-R kit includes our Predator 2 handheld tuner, along with the locksmith device and harnesses required to unlock both the ECM and TCM in your truck. Once unlocked, the Predator 2 offers up multiple tunes for the engine and transmission to choose from. Beyond the preloaded tunes, we offer a host of user adjustable parameters, like throttle response, speed limit, tire size, and of course, DFM disable! We've even added some new features for drivers of these newer trucks, like the ability to recall your last mode setting, or to retain your auto-start-stop setting. Get power you can feel, with DiabloSport!


  • ECM and TCM unlock included!
  • Unlock and Tune, at home!
  • Compatible with 2019-2022 Silverado and Sierra 1500
  • Preloaded Tunes For Multiple Octanes
  • Transmission Tunes included!
  • Support for 5.3L and 6.2L V8 applications with 6, 8 or 10 speed transmissions
  • Disable Dynamic Fuel Management for full time V8 operation
  • Throttle Boost setting for adjustable throttle feel
  • Adjust speedometer for larger tires (26"-38")
  • Calibrate speedometer for gear change (3.42-5.13)
  • Remove speed limiter for increased top speed
  • Adjust engine rev limiter for increased RPM range (+/- 400 RPM)
  • New ‘Keep Auto Stop Start Setting’ allows you to disable the system using the button on the dash and it stays that way!
  • New ‘Keep Drive Mode Setting’ allows you to select a drive mode and it will remember that mode next time you start the truck!
  • Max gains on 6.2L - 17 rwhp/24 rwtq
  • Max gains on 5.3L - 10 rwhp/33 rwtq
  • .5 second reduction in 0-60 times!
  • Read and Clear DTCs
  • Datalogging Capability