EDL-1 ECUMaster Serial Datalogger With Bluetooth

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EDL-1 adds logging functionality to the EMU or EMU Black (not compatible with the EMU CAN, only the EMU with 5 pin serial port). Equipped with both bluetooth capability and a port for an SD card, the EDL-1 allows you to log all data channels provided by the EMU just as if you were logging with a laptop. Reviewing data has never been easier. Simply remove the SD card (sold separately) and review the log using a laptop. All logs are marked with time stamps, and a battery backup in the EDL-1 ensures that dates and times are marked accurately. The EDL-1 can log up to 11 hours of data on 1GB of card memory, so a 4GB card or larger is recommended. The EDL-1 does not come with a memory card, so a card will need to be purchased separately.
Installation of the EDL-1 is straightforward with a simple 4 wire connection. The EDL-1 case is compact in size, with a footprint roughly 2/3 the size of a business card. Mounting is accomplished using doublesided tape or velcro, or flush mounting the EDL-1 to a panel using the two mounting screws on the face of the device.
Built-in Bluetooth functionality allows the user to transmit data to an Android phone or tablet, enabling the use of an Android tablet as a dash.



EDL FIRMWARE (scroll down to DATA LOGGER EDL-1 section)