Euro5 6 Pin Diagnostics to OBD cable (suits all makes supporting Euro5)

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Euro5 emissions standards require ALL motorcycles to use a common diagnostics protocol and connector. Even in the US most manufacturer's will be switching to this diagnostics system! (Check your bikes diagnostics port - the Euro5 will use a small square/rectangular RED connector as shown in the product images). 

PLEASE check your motorcycle prior to ordering! Yamaha/Honda/Kawasaki have switched as early as 2020 on some models with vary adoption by European manufacturer's in the US. Please email us an image of your diagnostics connector for verification if you have any questions. 

Allows you to use any generic handheld scan tool to read and clear diagnostics codes!

These cables are built in the U.S.A with high quality connectors and cabling! Includes Tuner Tools technical support!

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