FLASHCAL FOR GLADIATOR 2020-Present Jeep Gladiator - 3571-JT

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The Flashcal for Ford EV gives you the ability to customize your EV, to your liking. Adjust lighting configurations, TPMS settings, and Tire Size on Lightning. The simple to use, handheld interface makes it easy to make changes in just minutes! The Superchips Flashcal has long been the go-to source for options control on late model truck and Jeep applications. We now bring that same level of control to the Ford EV market, with the 1549 Flashcal for Ford EV. Owners of the new Lightning and Mach E vehicles now have a Flashcal, specific to the Ford Electric Vehicles. Flashcal lets you adjust remote start duration, set TPMS threshold, adjust tire size (Lightning specific) and more! Our simple to use, plug and play devices allow you to make changes in minutes. Take control of your EV today, with Superchips Flashcal!


  • Adjust Tire Size to Calibrate Speedometer (28”-35”) (Lightning Only)
  • Enable/Disable Honk Warning
  • Enable/Disable TPMS Sensors
  • Adjust Front or Rear TPMS Threshold (1-90 psi)
  • Remote Unlock (All Doors/Drivers Door)
  • Auto Lock Enable/Disable
  • Set Remote Start Duration (5/10/15 min)
  • Silent Mode Enable/Disable
  • Daytime Running Light Enable/Disable (Lightning Only)
  • Auto Lights Delay (0/5/10/20/60/120 sec)
  • Auto Unlock Enable/Disable (Mach E Specific)
  • Enable/Disable Auto Relock (Mach E Specific)