HKS AFK - Air/Fuel Knock Amp: Wideband + Knock Meter

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HKS has released the 3rd generation AFK. The combined Air/Fuel and Knock monitor gives you the ability to monitor your A/F ratio as well as any knock that is occurring. By combining the new HKS AFK with a stand-alone engine management systems like the HKS F-Con V Pro, air/fuel ratios and knock retard can be controlled. Cam be used solo, or with a standalone ECU.

HKS AFK Monitor:

  • Up to two A/F sensors can be used together to measure multiple cylinders or banks of cylinders (Includes (1) Bosch Wideband Sensor).
  • Includes LCD display/controller, Bosch A/F sensor, and knock sensor. Designed to work with other HKS electronics such as the EVC.
  • New digital filter helps reduce knock sensor interference from engine vibration
  • The air-fuel ratio and knock level can be output as voltage signals. Connecting the A/F Knock Amp to an F-CON unit allows controlling the air-fuel ratio feedback, knock retard, etc.