InTune and PCM Swap 2015-2017 Dodge/Ram 2500 and 3500 8323-R

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If you are a horsepower junky and you need a fix, look no further. DiabloSport's inTune i3 Performance Programmer is an easy way to boost power without even popping the hood! You get a performance upgrade that makes your throttle more responsive, optimizes drivability, and even adds some bottom-end horsepower! The inTune i3 programmer is pre-loaded with dyno-tested performance programs designed specifically for your car or truck.

Within minutes, you could add horsepower and torque with no other tools required! This PCM Swap kit includes an inTune i3 and a one-time unlocked PCM cross shipment for your Chrysler vehicle.


Upgrade your horsepower in minutes with our inTune i3 performance programmer. It is easy to install and plugs right into your vehicle’s OBD-II port. Our tuning team maps out all of the i3’s tunes for your exact car or truck. Our goal is to make the biggest power gain, with the largest choice of performance options. The i3 features the latest electronics too; find out more about what makes the i3 the best handheld tuner available today!


5 Volt Data Logging Inputs Yes
Accepts Custom Tunes From CMR Yes
Calibrate Speedometer For Gear Ratio Yes
Calibrate Speedometer For Tire Size Yes
Check Clear Dtcs Yes
Cooling Fan Control Yes
Data Logging Yes
Disable Active Fuel Management Yes
Fuel Rich Lean Adjustment Yes
Idle Rpm Yes
Power Level 1 91 Octane Performance Tune
Power Level 1 Hp 14
Power Level 1 Tq 12
Power Level 2 87 Octane Performance Tune
Power Level 2 Hp 7
Power Level 2 Tq 6
Power Level 5 Economy Tune
Rev Limiter Yes
Spark Timing Advance Retard Yes
Throttle Booster Yes
Top Speed Limiter Yes
Touch Screen Yes