Link ECU Bulkhead Tuning cable (USB B)

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Tired of cables all over the floor, or ziptied constantly out of the way? Or proprietary connections and being stuck without the right cable for your ECU?

Introducing our new line of bulkhead device cables!  Starting with this Link ECU cable to adapt the G4, G4+ and G4X line of ECUs to a flange/bulkhead mount port that allows for quick and easy access using a common USB B cable.   These feature a DTM interconnect harness so you can easily disconnect the bulkhead portion from the main harness/ECU without removing the bulkhead from the mounting location (very useful when mounting in a dash or other panel you may need to remove!) 

These are standard practice in most race vehicles and allow the crew/race engineer/tuner quick access to the vehicle in grid and offers a robust and reliable connection. These cables feature booted connections and are fully sealed (note Dust cover is an optional add on!)

Used for tuning all Link G4 and G4+ and ViPec ECU’s (except the Atom G4+, Atom II G4+ and Monsoon G4+ as they use a Micro USB to USB cable)


COMING SOON - 2 and 3 position pre configured bulkhead plates for RJ45 (Ethernet), USB A, USB B, USB-C and more! Quick connections for your ECU, PDM, Datalogger and Dash!