LS1 or LS6 (24X/1X) Dominator EFI Kit

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Included is an Bosch Wideband, a 3bar MAP Sensor, and a pair of 3 port boost control solenoids.

This kit contains virtually everything you need to unleash the untapped potential of your boosted LS engine! Included is an NTK wideband, a 3bar MAP sensor, a pair of 3 port boost control solenoids and all the required harnesses to get your LS engine converted to Holley EFI!



  • Dominator EFI ECU - Part# 554-114
  • LS1/6 (24x/1x) Engine Main Harness - Part# 558-102
  • V8 over Manifold, Bosch Style Injector Harness - Part# 558-200
  • Main Power Harness - Part# 558-308
  • Connector J1A/B Input/Outputs Auxiliary Harness - Part# 558-400
  • LSU4 Bosch Wideband - Part# 554-101
  • 3 Port Solenoid Valve- Part# 557-200100
  • PSI Stainless Pressure Sensor - Part# 554-102
  • 3 Bar MAP - Part# 554-107


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