Moristech PDM 12

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This solid state 12ch Power Distribution Module is a state of the art fuseless system that distributes up to 15amps per channel.

The P12 Power Control Module replaces traditional relays, fuses and circuit breakers. It simplifies wiring, decreases installation time and increases reliability.


  • 12 * 15 Amp continuous outputs.
  • Outputs can be combined for higher output current.
  • 100 Amp maximum total current recommended.
  • Easy to use and understand software.
  • Programmable output current and fuse reset time and count.
  • 10 Switch Inputs + Master Switch Input.
  • Switch inputs can be connected to power, ground or floating (3 state, center-off type switches).
  • Fault indicator Output can drive a lamp or LED to indicate output short circuit, open circuit or low battery voltage.
  • Fault indicator output can alternatively be used as an additional low current output.
  • On board data logging to record battery voltage, total current, individual output current, module temperature and input switch voltage.
  • Compatible with 24volt systems.
  • Reveres battery protected and transient overvoltage protected.
  • Programmable functions including True, False, AND, OR, Flash, Pulse Train, Toggle, Set/Reset to control such things as Turning Indicators, Hazard and Emergency lights.
  • Ideal for transmission brake staging or ‘bump’ control.
  • Software displays live values of output currents, battery voltage, switch status, function status and outputs/fuse status.
  • Compact Size. Main body: 123mm * 112mm * 33mm.
  • Main and USB connectors are sealed with gold plated terminals.
  • Field upgradable to keep up to date with the latest software and firmware.
  • 1 year warranty.