Premium nGauge and nDash replacement OBD Cable

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Premium nDash and nGauge OBD cable (spare/replacement).

This is a main RJ45 to OBD cable used with nGauge and nDash devices. This is a replacement cable for lost or damaged cables and has been designed and built by Tuner Tools to be a more robust and reliable cable.  For use with HPTuners, Lund Racing and other brand nGauge and nDash devices

Includes a high temp braided loom covering and right angle OBD cable (potted/sealed). We recommend using this Premium version of the cable on all permanent installs and any time a cable is routed with right bends, near interior panels or has the possibility of being pressed on, vibrated or generally seeing any sort of mechanical contact or stress.

 Custom lengths or options available. Contact us for custom cable requests. 


Premium vs Basic features:

 Basic Cable

  • Budget Friendly
  • Bare jacket (no extra abrasion resistance)
  • Right Angle OBD end with basic connector
  • NOT recommended for high vibration/tight cable routing, etc
  • Limited 30 day return policy only

Premium Cable

  • Higher Price Point
  • Braided loom and additional protection + strain relief
  • Right angle OBD end with potted/sealed connector
  • Suitable for permeant install in high vibration race vehicles and tight routing around interior panels, roll bars, etc
  • Lifetime replacement warranty