PDM30 with Universal Chassis Harness

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This is the perfect solution for all your chassis harness needs. Our state of the art system includes:

1) Power Distribution Unit. Our solid state fuse-less system is a fully configurable 30 output systems.
2) Chassis Wiring Harness. Utilizing Deutsch connector systems.
3) CAN Keypad with Sticker sheet. 15 switch system with soft touch buttons, and status LED's (green,yellow,red).
4) Wiring installation instruction pin-out with color and wiring schematic.

Pre-configured on this system is the following (Outputs can be re-assigned by user).

(8) OUTPUTS (20amp):
-Fuel Pumps (2 outputs)
-Fans (2 outputs)

(22) OUTPUTS (8amp):
-Right and Left Indicators
-Brake lights
-Fuel Pump (lift)
-Headlights and Taillights
-CAN power
-Wiper Lo
-Wiper Hi
-Brake Switch
-Spares (a couple on each plug)

INPUTS (hi or low activation):
-Can Based Keypad
-23 Universal switched inputs

PDM Specs:
-8 20amp Outputs, 22 8amp Outputs,23 switched inputs
-120amp max
-programmable outputs with easy to use software
-on board data logging for total and individual current draw
-compact case size XX
-System weight ~lbs

Harness specs:
-Harness is constructed with Tefzel wire
-Deutsch and AMP connectors for quality connections
-Easily expanded and adapted to fit different style chassis
-Can be made to plug into different Rywire engine harnesses, as well as used universally.
-Color coded wires make wiring into any chassis easy.
-Constructed with quality split sleeve wire loom allows you to re-direct circuits cleanly and easily.
-Pre-programmed and pre-assigned so no need to learn complicated logic.

Questions and Answers

Q: Does this harness have AC
A: Easy answer is NO. There is no pre-wired circuits for factory AC. Will work with aftermarket AC systems easily.

Q: Can this harness run my power windows?
A: It can POWER your power windows, but it is not pre-wired for them. We recommend running the power windows to a fused constant power source and keeping them off the Rywire harness.

Q: Can Outputs be stacked together to achieve more Amps?
A: Yes, 20Amp outputs can for example be stacked to achieve 40Amps . And 8Amp can be stacked to achieve 16Amps.