S13/S14 LS swap Cooling package

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Stop fighting high temperature on your LS swap or higher power S13/S14 240 SX!

Kit Includes:
-Koyo Dual Pass/Aluminum Radiator for S13/S14
-Spal 14" radiator fan
-160 degree Thermostat
-Silicone Radiator Hoses
-Heater Core bypass
-Optional Steam port kit
-Tuner Tools support!

Have you V8 swapped Nissan S13/S14? Can't take the track abuse? Tired of sitting on the sidelines letting your car cool down?

Following the discussion the Tuner Tools team and Geoff Donati had on the DDM Podcast regarding LS cooling we decided to put together a kit to help eliminate your cooling issues. Based on experience with our ProAm and Pro2 LS powered track cars we've put together a kit to eliminate guess work and searching for parts. 

Stop reinventing the wheel - and use what works!

The base of this kit is a solid aluminum radiator - 2" core and dual pass are the heart of this system and provide the cooling capacity needed to support the larger LS engine and higher HP requirements. We use the Koyo N-Flo radiator that is a direct fit for the Nissan S13/S14 chassis.  Dual pass is an absolute requirement in our view, and this offers a budget friendly but reliable and robust option that still offers direct bolt in fitment.

On top of the radiator that major mistake we often see is sub-par fans. Thin and cheap flex fans that just don't move a lot of air, or lose flow as pressure increases. Or old/used fans (Taurus  fans,we're looking at you!). Those old junkyard or auto parts store fans just don't hold up well and don't support higher pressure differentials. They also are major power hogs and cause an array of other issues. We exclusively use Spal fans on our Formula Drift and other pro car builds, and only recommend the High performance fans. They may be a little tighter to fit, but still offer a flexible packaging with high flow number and performance that will not drop with higher working pressures and rougher operating conditions.

This kit offers a 14" Spal high flow fan. At 1864 CFM and 19.5 amp draw this will offer solid flow without a major hit on your electrical system (though we do recommend upgrading older factory wiring to support any aftermarket fans).  This current fan will mount to the radiator using flexible mounts provided.  We currently do not have a bolt on fan shroud - but if you are interested (or may be interested in a dual 11" fan option) message us and we can discuss the details on this product development and availability.

To tie all this in we include a set of Silicone radiator hoses specifically for the LS and S13/14 chassis. No cutting up random parts store hoses, adapters, and possibilities for leak. Clean, strong, and simple.

We have also included a 160 degree (F) thermostat in this kit.  We DO NOT recommend running without a thermostat in most cases. By installing a lower opening thermostat you're able to retain flow levels, but allowing the cooling system to start working a little sooner. This is the same setup we still run in our LS swapped Formula Drift cars.

We also include a molded heater core by pass hose. For those doing LS swaps and removing the heater core this is a MUST. These ports should NEVER be capped. Ever. They will shroud the water pump/thermostat area and cause cooling performance issues. Clean and simple bypass ensures your cooling system designs as intended and avoids leaks adapters and kinked hoses.

Optional parts include:

-Steam port kit: billet adapters and speed flex hose for clean steam port venting. Note - we DO NOT currently provide a port for this as there are multiple options (and to avoid voiding the radiator warranty). There are 2 recommended locations: The top of the radiator, or drilling/tapping the water pump.  We do not currently modify these radiators for the line, and recommend most users tap the water pump or similar location. Another option is an inline fitting in the upper radiator hose (requires adapter and cutting the upper radiator hose)

Note - the location should be the highest location of the cooling system! If you are capping the radiator and have a remote expansion tank use the expansion tank (note - this means a pressurized expansion tank, not an overflow/catch tank!). 

Have questions here? Feel free to call us!