SUPERCHIPS DASHPAQ PLUS 1994-2019 Ford Powerstroke Diesel 10501

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The all-new Dashpaq+ for Diesel: As our very first touch screen monitor and tuning device, Dashpaq+ for Diesel builds off of 20+ years of engineering and tuning calibration specific to the diesel market. The 5" full-color screen offers edge-to-edge swipe technology that is not only sharper but extremely quick to respond. The high-resolution screen offers pristine pixel ratios and top-notch graphics. Our intuitive screen layouts, faster processing speeds, and WiFi update capability are just a few of the features you'll love about Dashpaq+ for Diesel.


  • All-in-one performance tuner and monitor
  • Mileage XS, Heavy Tow, Performance Tow, and Performance tunes
  • Perfect upgrade for improved mileage and towing performance
  • Up to 175hp and 470ft-lbs tq gains
  • State of the art high-resolution color touch screen
  • Edge-to-Edge swipe technology, for easy screen navigation
  • 20+ years of diesel tuning experience for clean, safe, usable power/torque gains
  • Easy installation, with just one OBD-II connection required
  • Monitor data you want, including EGT?s, Boost, Trans Temp, Coolant Temp, DPF %, Rail Pressure, and more
  • Set audible and visual warning points for vital engine/drivetrain temperatures
  • Customizable display with various screen layouts, colors, backgrounds, and PID's
  • 5 in. capacitive touch screen for easy viewing
  • Performance meter to measure 0-60, 1/4-mile times, and more
  • Wi-Fi feature for easy, in vehicle updates
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
  • Perform manual regens and check injector balance rates
  • New processor means faster downloads and faster touch response
  • Expandable with EAS Accessory systems for pyrometer, pressure sensors, temp sensors, and back-up camera
  • Built-in datalogger function, allows easy data export capabilities