WHP Boost Control Solenoid Kit- Black Fittings and Bracket

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WHP boost control solenoid kits can be used with either the EMU, EMU Classic, or EMU Black standalone engine control unit or the DET3 piggyback engine control unit. This kit differs from our standard unit in that it comes with a black powdercoated bracket, black connector housings, and black anodized aluminum fittings instead of brass. This offers a much tidier look and is a fitting complement to any engine bay.

WHP boost control solenoid kits are based around a genuine MAC valve built to custom WHP specifications for use in an automotive environment. The valve is mounted to a laser cut and CNC bent aluminum bracket, and comes with a vibration-isolating rubber mount with metric threads. Brass fittings and a breather are included, as well as a motorsports grade waterproof 2 pin connector, and a packet of thread sealant. WHP has put together the most comprehensive boost control solenoid kit on the market.

With the WHP boost control solenoid kit, all of the EMU and DET3's advanced boost control features can be utilized. The EMU features boost per gear or speed, throttle position dependent boost control, advanced closed-loop boost control utilizing a PID strategy, and blending of boost control tables when using the Flex Fuel feature. The DET3 offers switchable boost levels, and vehicle speed dependent boost control.